OMG breakfast was delicious

So, I was in Ibiza for my holidays (again) and at Passion Cafe for breakfast and dinner every day (again). Best breakfast find I have made in a long time and dead easy to make

Chia Porridge

2 tablespoons chia seeds,

2 sliced strawberries,

tablespoon sunflower, pumpkin and ground flaxseed mix, goji berries Р milled linseed mix would be fine too

8 almonds (i soak these in water overnight to make them taste better and activate the enzymes so they digest easier)

teaspoon of honey

coconut milk

add everything to a bowl with just enough coconut milk to cover the mix and a teaspoon of honey.

Mix it all together and leave it to soak for about 20mins.

Your could have most of it prepared the night before then just add the strawberries and coconut milk in the morning. Get up, add liquid, go get ready for work, eat food and leave or stick it in a plastic container and take it with you to eat at work later.

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