Work your socks off

Wednesday, humpday for some, but not when you are being awesome…

Today we are learning: you need to keep pushing for success.

Being awesome is the easy part, showing the world what you can do and getting them on board is a bit of a slower journey.

You hear of people becoming overnight sensations, famous overnight, getting a lucky break… the truth for most of them though isn’t that short a story and they have been bursting their asses…

For many they have been working behind the scenes, building their brand, doing the local circuit, going to open mic nights, busking, doing the back street pubs and festivals for free (some for years) or in other industries, teaching class after class, going to workshops and courses, starting very early in the day, finishing very late at night, no days off, sacrificing time with friends and family.

To be successful you need to put in the hard work, the time, build trust and respect.

Nothing worth having falls in to your lap.

What is it you really want from life? What is the legacy you want to leave? What impact do you want to make?

Whatever it is you want you are going to need to put in some work to get there.

I want to write my book, so I spend my Saturday afternoons in a coffee shop writing (and drinking gallons of tea).

One of my friends wants to get work within a specific industry and sees that the best way to get a foot in the door is to do volunteer work to gain experience in the hope that she will get some paid work from it. She loves the volunteer work. It’s what gets her out of bed in the morning and she is working really hard to get the qualifications she needs to move it forward.

Find that passion, put your talents out there and work your socks off… You are already awesome, but if you need help it’s there for you when you are ready

Jen x

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