When Was The Last Time You Went Somewhere New?

Day 21 Go somewhere new.

Get out and explore somewhere you have never been. It’s so easy to return time and time again to the places you know and love.

I got stuck in a rut of going to Ibiza every year since coming back from Oz, I just wanted somewhere familiar… but it started to get too familiar and comfy, so this year it was Croatia… It was amazing, I love exploring new places and new cultures.

Keeping things closer to home, try new restaurants, bars, café’s, visit a museum that you have never been to, go to a tourist attraction that you have never been, go on the hop on, hop off tourist bus… there will be places and things that you never knew about the city you live in.

I came across http://www.yelp.co.uk/events/glasgow that has events on throughout the current month with recommendations.

Some of the stuff listed is things I would never have known were on and anything that I have been along to has been really good.

A little bit of research and you can find new things to do right in your very own city.

Go on day trips, get in the car and just drive, see where you end up, create a list of things and places that you would like to visit with your friends – they always have ideas that you didn’t think of…

Jen x

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