What Do You Dream About?

Half way through this month of gratitude and self-care. Day 15 Write your dreams.

This is slightly different from writing you goals, this is because you need to know your dreams before you write your goals.

Writing and admitting your dreams is the hard part, once you know what your dreams are you can then set your goals and action plan.

If you have written your fears back in day 9 then this will be easier. You will have already started realising and overcoming some of the things that hold you back.

Sometimes we are scared to say our dreams out loud, partly because there will always be people who tell us we can’t and that it’s impossible and the other part is there are people who believe in you and will expect you to go and make it happen.

It is easier to tell the first lot of people who will just validate your fears… Be bold and tell the second lot, find people that will motivate you and push you to achieve and believe in yourself. You can always do a lot more than you ever thought you could.

Do you want to write a book?

Do you want to change career?

Give up work and go travelling for a year?

Do you want to find a boy, get married and have kids?

Do you want to be on a mission to space?

Think big, and write them down, even if you feel silly…

Then, go to day 9 when you wrote down your fears. Look at where your fears are holding you back from your dreams. What can you do to overcome those fears to be a step closer to your dreams?

Its nuts how much closer you could get if you just dropped the fear. Dream big, work round the fears and talk to the right people. Don’t let people tell you that you have a head full of broken biscuits or that your head is in the clouds… Someone has to make a change, why can it not be you?

The ceiling is glass, smash through it…

Happy humpday dreamers

Jen x

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