Treat your face

Do you love yourself yet? Are you still saying it over and over? Do you believe it yet? Keep going, even when you do get it and you do believe it, never forget it.

Today is an easy one, Day 23 Treat your face.

A week ago you got to focus on pampering yourself, you should still have that scheduled in as a weekly event.

Make sure there is a face mask included in that. The skin you are in is the only one you have and you want to look after it. And your face is on display all the time.

You can make up a facemask at home.

Oats and honey


Cold camomile tea – I like to make my tea, drink it, put the bags to the side then use them once they are cool. It is particularly good if you have eczema or any skin breakouts for calming them down.

Sit back, mask on, feet up, chill out and let the mask do its work.

I like to use coconut oil to moisturise after.

It doesn’t need to be expensive lotions and potions you use…

Love the skin you are in

Jen x

P.S Warrior Woman Project Online is now open for you to start your journey to finding out who you are and what it is you want…Never feel guilty about making time for yourself again


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