Step 4 food… I love food…

Step 4 of the process to nailing your health, fitness or wellbeing goals is to focus on what you put in to your body. The first 3 stages are helping you get your head in the right place and setting your systems so they are ready to work optimally.

Once you have these first stages mastered then we can focus on:

Your food

If you don’t have your sleep and stress right then the food part is pretty challenging too. You need to be well rested and be in a low state of stress for your digestive system to work effectively. If you are stressed it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat your body won’t be able to break down or absorb the nutrients it needs.

I love food, and I eat a pretty varied and healthy diet, BUT, during times of stress I get eczema break outs and I recently had some tests done that showed up that I was deficient in quite a few vitamins and minerals even though what I was eating should have been sufficient. The stress was causing me to have an inefficient digestive system.

Always think about your health when you are choosing the food you will be eating.

If something makes you bloat, feel sluggish or makes your skin break out, then why the hell would you eat it?

If you want to lose weight you are going to need to make sacrifices until you are at your ideal size before allowing yourself to have treats. You need to get yourself out of the mind-set of food being a reward or comfort; you don’t ‘deserve’ to have something because you have been good all week / had a really shitty week.

If you are having a ‘fat day’, the worst thing you can do is comfort eat, ’I feel fat anyway’ is not you being a good friend to yourself – that is self-sabotage!

Only when you have these steps nailed will it be worth your while adding in a structured exercise routine.

Stop beating yourself up about missing a session in the gym and get these other areas nailed. You will be surprised how quickly it does all fall in to place when your body is rested, reset and well nourished.

Jen x

PS the warrior woman project is designed specifically to help you get these steps in place and get you out of that rut


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