Some days I do only want to eat junk food

OK, we have fine-tuned that list from what we want so that we have it all, to what we still need to complete the picture and yesterday we got real, what do we need to do?

Now you have this information it should all start to feel a bit real. Now you have been honest with yourself you can start to put a plan in to place and get more ticks on your list.

Mine are all now (finally) a work in progress. I am not going to lie and tell you that it is easy to get up at 530am every day to start myself in the right mind-set, or that it is easy being vulnerable, or that making sure there is more healthy food than unhealthy being eaten on days when all I want to do is eat crap (yes, I have day’s like that too).

To get what you want is a challenge, we work hard, we improve ourselves, we dream big and act big – let’s face it, if this getting what you want out of life was easy I wouldn’t have a business.

You have your list, you know what you need to do…

Your Wednesday challenge, do one thing today that will get you a step closer to one of the things on your list…

Jen x

PS Maybe that is you booking up for

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