I am making you a promise

Yesterday after tipping my hat of respect to my highly motivated friends I had a good long chat to myself (yes, I do regularly talk to myself, when you work from home on your own you learn to be really good company) I realised that I have not exactly been meeting my challenges head on recently.

I took on a few cover classes to help out and haven’t exactly organised my time very well through the week making me feel exceptionally busy but not actually getting anything productive done.

This week I have not only promised myself but I am now putting it out there in black and white to you guys that I am not taking any more of my nonsense and I am going to tick off my to do list…

On that list there is finalising the Warrior Woman Project nutrition plan and exercise plan which will be launched as a special offer to you, keep an eye out in your inbox for that. I am really excited to introduce these additions to you.

I would like you to join me this week in committing to overcoming a challenge that you are allowing obstacles to get in your way.

Look at your world, what are you avoiding getting done? What is the crappy excuse you are telling yourself?

Set that excuse aside and work out a real plan to get it done.

I would love to hear what you are going to do.

Jen x

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