Got myself all organised and not overwhelmed

Do you write a To Do List on Monday? How does that go for you?

Did you jump out of bed every morning tackling it head on? Or…

Eat well, exercise, work, study, shopping, housework, sort bills, have a social life, personal development, career development, generally be amazing…. Blah, blah, blah.

It never stops, there are not enough hours in the day.

Possibly you don’t even know where to start with your list it’s so overwhelming, so you fanny about on social media (you are sitting at a computer so you must be working, but really you are kidding yourself on that you are busy and getting nothing done).

Before you know it hours have gone past, nothing has been ticked off, and then it’s time for bed… If you are like me you promise yourself that you will make a proper start tomorrow, you won’t open Facebook until everything is done.

I’m going to guess that your list has your head thinking that these are all humongous tasks and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

I came across a nice wee way of changing how I wrote my list so that I actually get shit done, from that I take out things that are/should be daily routine (like eating and housework) and select 4 that are going to make me the happiest that I have actually completed them.

Change the way you word your list.

If you made it look something like this so it’s not so intimidating:

Prepare 3 healthy meals today

Get to class before work/at lunchtime, if I can’t make it do my 15min at home workout.

Order shopping online to be delivered

Spend 30mins (max) cleaning/tidying (at least 1 room)

Spend 30mins reading (whatever is relevant to improve you as a person).

Call 3 studios to ask about availability and rental rates.

Write tomorrow’s email and preload 2 days blogs.

Prepare class session plan for tomorrow’s class.

Set up direct debits to pay bills (or whatever needs to be done)

Just changing the way you write your list, breaking things down and being more specific, especially with your time and set a timer so you don’t go over.

You can see straight away what are the daily tasks and what are the important moving you forward tasks.

By setting time limits or only a small number to be completed you straight away make everything more manageable and you might actually get it all (or more) done AND have time to waste on social media.

I felt a bit confused (and guilty) when I get everything done then have time to chill out, things are now getting done, progress is being made, the stairs still need hovered but that can wait.

Look at your list, re-write it, set some time limits and prioritise it.

Let me know how you get on.

Jen x




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