My face was covered in chocolate…

How many times have you been so good with your eating, going to the gym then something stresses you out and BOOM you are on your arse, off the wagon, face covered in chocolate, elbow deep in a family sized bag of crisps, with a straw in a bottle of wine?

Everything was going so well. Skin was looking clearer, hair all shiny, bloated tummy was deflating. Going to the gym was nearly happening. You weren’t dragging your ass out of bed quite so much. You are getting compliments about how you look and asked if you had lost weight?

Then a week goes by, your mojo has gone, the mood swings are back, you go from pissed off to can’t be arsed and you have less energy than a flat Duracell battery, the thought of exercise is laughable. Your confidence is back to an all-time low, let’s face it is it really worth it anyway?

Yip, been there and still get pissed off when it happens.

You are frustrated at how you can go from saint to sinner over the tiniest thing.

When you are doing it on your own, who do you answer to? Who holds you accountable? Who motivates you to get back on track?

Everyone needs support.

At Freedom in Training we have put together a 12 week programme starting Monday 9th June 2014 that we are looking for 10 women to trial for us. It is application only so we get to work with the right group of women (APPLY NOW)

What you will get is:

–          Full nutrition plan and recipe book to get you eating real food (everything is easy to make)

–          Ongoing coaching to teach you why you are benefiting from changing

–          Weekly information packs to keep you on track

–          Monthly live Q&A (online) – these will be recorded and emailed out so you can listen again.

–          Mini workouts to do at home (if you want even better & faster results)

All of this for £150 (payable £50 per month) which you will get back (that’s right you WILL get back if it does not work for you*)

Now, because there are only 10 spaces on this trial we want to make sure that you are ready to start feeling and looking better and that we are the right programme for you. This programme IS NOT for you if:

–          You are going to make excuses any time you slip up and then give up.

–          You are not ready to make changes to your lifestyle to achieve your goals and are looking for a quick fix.

–          If you are shopping around for the cheapest price or a deal. How much have you spent over the years on cheap, quick fixes but are no closer to achieving your goals?

This programme is for you if:

–          You are ready to take control of your eating and want to see and feel the results

–          You want to know how to have flexibility in your eating so you can have cake or wine if you want without setting you back to the start line.

–          You are ready to take responsibility for your actions and accept help and be accountable.

–          You are fed up starting again every Monday and want to learn how to get past the voice in your head that pisses you off asking you what’s the point?

So, you can keep riding the self-sabotage rollercoaster almost reaching the goals but falling at the last hurdle. Not being 100% happy with what you see in the mirror, being self-conscious naked, wanting to look better in those fabulous dresses you work so hard to buy. Not having the confidence to talk to the hot guy you see on the way to work / in the pub / at the gym. Groundhog Day will happen.

I had a good look at what I wasn’t happy with, why I kept hitting the wall instead of climbing it, why did I not think I was good enough to be my best. I started to look in to why we (humans) do it, and how we get past it. I am on my own journey. I still fall off the wagon from time to time, but I now have a plan of action.

At Freedom in Training we work through it together. You have someone to hold you accountable. Set your plan. It is not about only eating salad and working out every single day and missing out on nights out. It is not going to happen overnight, but give me 12 weeks and I promise you will look and feel better.

You will have more energy, feel less bloated, have more confidence, your moods will be more balanced. The more time you commit to yourself the faster and better the results will be. You will want to run the streets naked to show off your results (I don’t recommend this though, pretty sure it’s illegal).

We will put together your nutrition plan, make the tweaks needed and set you up for the week ahead so you are organised and don’t get caught out.

If you are ready to get your shit together APPLY NOW (click on the words).

OR click on this link >>>

Remember this trial is only for 10 successful applicants and if you miss out this month then it will be another month before I will consider taking on anyone else. Once you have completed your form we will review and get back to you asap.

We start on Monday 9th June 2014, you will get week 1 sent to you by Friday 6th June so you have the weekend to get yourself organised and ready to go.

I promise that you will look and feel better in just 12 weeks (or less) and if you don’t then I will give you your money back.

How many times are you going to promise yourself that this time it will be different? How much time can you afford to waste trying to get there all on your own? We all need to accept help from someone. You wouldn’t do your own service and MOT on your car (unless you are a car mechanic).

Nothing changes if nothing changes, are you going to let another month pass by with no steps towards your goal? Now is the time to take action and APPLY NOW to start Monday 9th June.

YOU will get more: energy, confidence, feel less bloated and your moods will be steady.



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