Embrace Strength

We are nearly at the end of self-care month already, it feels like I was only just introducing it to you.

Day 30 embrace strength

If we are doing everything from day 1 through to day 29 and embracing each one, then that is what day 30 is about.

Over the last 29 days we have understood our fears, realised our dreams, set our goals and got our shit together to be organised for whatever life throws at us.

We have learned that we need to prioritise ourselves first so we can be more to give more.

We take time out so that we get more done – laws of time make this hard for us to understand but it works.

A clear happy head is a productive one.

We have learned to quiet the negative voice in our heads that makes us doubt ourselves and learned to tell the right people about the dreams and goals we have so the wrong ones don’t help us run away from them.

We have the strength, we can be a Warrior Woman.

Jen x

P.S Warrior Woman Project Online is now open for you to start your journey to finding your strength, being accountable and discovering who you are and what it is you want… http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project/

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