Eat, sleep, sweat and laugh

First thing. How did you go yesterday changing the way you wrote your To Do Lists? I powered through mine I was stoked at how much I got done. Every day the lists are getting done in the same way.

All too often you go to the doctor and walk out with a fist full of prescriptions to fix problems that the cause has not been identified.

2 years ago now, I had more visits to the doctor and hospital than I have had in my entire life.

My first visit they weren’t really sure what was wrong with me so gave me a 5 day course of antibiotics while I waited for blood tests.

Results came back that I had helicobacter pylori and was given another 7 days triple strength antibiotics along with anti-nausea and heartburn medication for the side effects of the antibiotics. That little cocktail knocked me out for 2 weeks.

3 months later I went through the similar symptoms, this time there was lymph nodes inflamed so more tests were done, this time nothing was showing up in the tests so was referred to haematology.

At no point did any of the Dr’s from my initial consultations ask me about my eating , sleeping, or lifestyle. It was only when I got to the consultant at the hospital (which was by that point 6 months down the line) that they asked.

Turns out my symptoms were all brought on by stress.

I wasn’t eating right. I wasn’t sleeping. I was doing too much exercise and having no down time with friends or family.

My prescription from the consultant?

Take some time off and have fun. Get good decent food in me and get 8 hours sleep a night.

What happened when I took that on board?

Lymph glands went down, helicobacter went dormant, dizziness and nausea stopped and I had energy to do stuff.

My body seems to work with the seasons. During these summer months I only get about 6 hours sleep a night but I don’t wake up exhausted.

In the winter I easily get 10hours if I don’t have a class to get up for.

When I am eating right everything works great. When I get lazy (because I am human and sometimes just can’t be bothered cooking) if it goes on for too long the helicobacter rears its head to remind me I need to get back on track.

Learning to listen to your body is so important to keep you healthy.

A few of my clients have taken on the 7 days no sugar challenge and the thing they have all come back to me with is how they notice the difference in their energy levels and mood.

When they were off the sugar they had loads of energy and there moods were pretty level. The first time they had some sugar the week after they felt lethargic and a bit depressed.

Most of us live in that cycle of lethargy and mood swings and how often do we reach for something sweet to get a boost of energy or when we are feeling down?

They are now at a point that if they are out and there are cake’s or desert they don’t feel that they need to have some just because they are there. They are quite happy to leave it, or if they feel like they do fancy a wee scone or desert they can take one and know that it’s not going to have a massive impact.

It is important to find out why it is you want certain foods and how to deal with situations and make changes to have a positive attitude and healthy relationship with food. It’s not easy, its hard work that just keeps on going. Every day and every week as you learn more about yourself it gets easier.

It’s about making lifestyle changes and understanding what is important to you. Do you want to be fat and unhealthy because you think you want cake or do you want to be healthy and happy knowing that you can have a bit of cake when you actually want it?

So in my humble opinion, exercise, food, sleep and laughter are the best medicines (not necessarily in that order).

Eat well, rest well, laugh a lot and sweat a bit to visit the doctor or the chemist less.

Jen x

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