Do you really want to change?

So often we say that we want to change in life, but how often do you actually make that change? It can be challenging when it is so much easier to just fall in to our routine…

So, how do you make change?

First think I would suggest you work out is what is it you are not happy with as things are now, why is it you want the change?

Make an honest list and face up to your reality – do you really want to lose weight if it means you have to give up the wine? Do you really want to join the gym if it means you need to give up time with the kids? Do you really want to be self-employed when you have a good wage and paid holidays and sick leave?

Understanding what it is about is the first step – maybe you don’t need to lose weight, you need to have a change in thoughts and attitude about how you feel about yourself…

I am going to leave that thought with you today…

What is it you want to change? Why do you want to change it?

Happy Monday

Jen x

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