Create Your Own Boundaries

Day 17 Create boundaries

Think about those people from day 13 that you want to de-clutter. Those people that are constantly needy, drain your energy, don’t leave you feeling a buzz of excitement about life when they go… The energy vampires.

Maybe it’s not possible to completely remove them, family, work colleagues etc. But you can create boundaries. Prepare your time with them in your head and understand the situation that you are going in to.

Make a conscious effort to not let them steal your energy or get in to your head. Lead with your mood and stay strong. You could even create an imaginary bullet proof bubble around yourself that them and their negativity bounce off.

Make space in your world for people who make it better, who lift your mood and energy. Whether its work or personal life allow boundaries but let them be changeable.

Know when to let people get closer and when to keep them back.

It can be easy to put big walls up and not let anyone in, but life gets hard when you push everyone away and try to do it all yourself (I know…. I have done that & it does not work).

This can be a tough one to do especially if you are used to having walls up and you need to bring them down or even if you are used to being open and letting everyone in.

Knowing that it is ok to have some walls, but again, learning to put yourself and your happiness first is a priority for you to be able to give more.

Stay strong

Jen x



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