Can you show the world?

Today, Tuesday… Today’s lesson is: Sometimes you need to put it out there for the world to see.

I am not talking about posting your drama all over Facebook or Twitter but sometimes when you have something great, you need to put it out in to the world for other people to experience and let you be even greater than you are behind closed doors.

Imagine your favourite singer or actor/actress kept their talents hidden away, you would not get the benefit of experiencing them showcasing their passion or craft.

If the great composers hadn’t displayed their talents we could not have had Pete Tong and the Heritage Symphony Orchestra collaborating and giving us the Ibiza Essential Mix from the Proms at Albert Hall… If you missed that the other week, hit your red button thing on the TV or go on the BBC Radio 1 website to watch it again… Classical musicians playing dance anthems – phenomenal!

If you are the best organiser you know then why would you not use that skill to its advantage and get a career out of organising.

I am good at what some people might call bossing, I like to call guiding people whether it’s through a personal training session, personal development session or group class, I help others see their potential and what they are capable of and help get an action plan in to place for them to move them in the right direction.

When people are passionate about things (yesterdays singing our own song) and not trying to be someone or something they are not AND they share that passion, so many people get something from it that it makes a difference. Some of the differences you make you might not ever know about but some you will. People will let you know.

There is of course this being vulnerable thing involved here, as much as there will be lots of people who love and appreciate your skills and talents, there will be people who just don’t… But that’s OK, they will have other people that they want to see or follow.

Show off your talents to the world and be fine in the knowledge that you can’t please everyone BUT you will make a difference to so many.

Go be awesome & leave a legacy

Jen x

PS If you need any help being awesome check out the Warrior Woman Project



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