Blissed out & happy

You have to do what makes your heart happy. 
I met a lady I know from my classes in the gym the other day. When she walked in to the changing room she looked totally chilled, blissed out, and genuinely happy.

We did our exchange of ‘hi, how are you?’ It turned out she had given up her job and knew that it was totally the right thing to do. She worked as a councillor for an organisation but had been really unhappy with the way things were done and they were out of her control to change. A new project had been taken on and the management were disorganised and just not making any decisions that made any sense to her so she handed in her notice and is now happy, stress free and in the process of setting up her own business creating her own rules and regulations. 

It can be scary giving up the security of a job with a pay check but when it doesn’t meet your values and the stress of it makes you feel bad, you have to go with what makes your heart happy. 

If you are really unhappy or frustrated with an area of your life like your work, take time to do your values associated to that area to work out what is important to you, probably before you go handing in your notice or anything drastic like that. We go through this process in the Warrior Woman Project, it may be worth you checking out
Don’t think that we are all about chucking your job and starting your own business, we are not, we are about finding what makes you happy in your own world, it could be as simple as looking at something from a different view that helps you realise that things are not as bad as you had worked them up to be in your head (we have all done that).

All we want to do is do what makes your heart happy. 

Jen x

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