Big Deep Breath

The other day I sent my first draft of my Warrior Woman Project book to my publisher… I only had to send a link to the dropbox files over to Lee so it didn’t really feel real…

That was until I told someone, that someone happened to be someone who had just posted on Facebook a statistic of 89% of people want to write a book, only 1% actually do (I have no idea where these statistics came from or if they are even accurate, but they were there, staring me in the face)… then the realisation of what I had done hit me…

Nervous, excited, scared, happy, terrified… they all kind of feel the same, butterflies, shivers, overwhelm.

I had to stop and check myself, and take a few big deep breaths.

There should be many things that we do in life that make us feel this way. Maybe not every single day, (but how cool would your life be if it was that exciting every single day) can you do something every week or month that you get to stop and think ‘I just did that’?

I went back to college to start this whole new part of my life 6 years ago now, there have been some epic fails (my divorce, closing the studio) and some epic highs (writing a book, creating warrior woman).

Life brings it all to us, we need to hold on and ride the rollercoaster. When we are going through the lows, big deep breaths, know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, reach out for help, and find the positives in what seems like the negatives.

Then when it brings us the highs, take a big deep breath and enjoy it, find ways to stay up, remember the lessons and positives you take from those down times, keep applying them, then push for something a bit bigger, a bit higher.

Be the minority of people achieving the life they want to live, be the inspiration and motivation for everyone else. Get your inspiration and motivation from the people achieving more than you…

Happy humpday

Jen x

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