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So you are a perfectionist that really needs to learn to let go, learn to have some fun and be more care free? This workshop is just what you need…


I get it, I have been there and sometimes still need to pull myself back in to line. You want everything to be just perfect before anyone sees you, you want to know everything you need to know before going in to a situation, you need to be over qualified for the job you are applying for…


Maybe because you are worried about what other people think of you, maybe because you don’t want to let anyone (including yourself) down, maybe because it’s what is expected of you.

I created this workshop to help women just like you (and me).

There is so much pressure on us to have the perfect hair, make up, nails, body, career, partner, family and do everything with grace, style, and a beautiful big smile…

I would love to tell you that this workshop is the secret recipe to perfection… But it’s not (sorry).

What this workshop will do is:

– show you that you are not alone

– show you how to let go and be free of the ‘perfection’

– show you how to deal with the stress that you and your perception of the world is creating

– show you how to build a new image in your mind of what you want each day to look like

– show you how to create a world where you are striving to be the best you can be each day without unrealistic pressure

When: Saturday 14th May 12-3pm

Where: Level 3, 39 St Vincent Place, Glasgow City Centre

How Much: £20 for 1 of you, or bring a friend for £5 (tea, coffee, water & light snacks provided)

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We have run a couple of  workshops already this year and we have learned a lot to make this next workshop even better.

From the anonymous feedback forms:

everyone was so friendly and inspiring, it was great to meet other women who have the same hang-ups as me

‘exceeded expectations, I will be back’

‘I valued hearing other peoples situations and opinions’

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On Saturday 14th May 2016 from 12-3pm we will be at a Glasgow city centre venue: Level 3 39 St Vincent Place  with the Warrior Woman Project Workshop Event – Perfectly Imperfect.

Spaces are limited on the course and previous courses have sold out.

Gold Warrior Members – £10

Platinum & Ultimate Warrior Members – FREE

Non-Members £20

PLUS bring a friend for £5 is back

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‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course today and feel inspired and motivated to change my actions and work towards a better life’

What are you waiting for?

Saturday 14th May 2016, 12-3pm, Glasgow city centre venue: Level 3 39 St Vincent Place

Gold Warrior Members – £10

Platinum & Ultimate Warrior Members – FREE

Non-Members £20

PLUS Bring a Friend for £5 is back

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