Warrior Woman Project Online

Do you feel lost?

Are you unsure who you are or what it is you want to do with your life?

Are you just thundering along at full speed and don’t know where the break is?

That feeling of being lost or stuck can be overwhelming, your head can feel like cotton wool and thoughts are to difficult to make sense of. Chaos however, seems to follow you everywhere.

Imagine if you could work out what it is you want from life, who you actually are know where the break is so you can stop and take charge of your life!

That is exactly what the Warrior Woman Project is here to do for you.

When I created the Warrior Woman Project back at the beginning of the year I had a vision of creating a group of women that empower themselves and in turn inspire to empower others to be better versions of them and to replace chaos with order in their lives which creates a ripple effect.

Over the last few months I have been fine tuning the process to create a 12 week project that helps you sort through your chaos, help you find out who you are so you can ‘just be yourself’ and get unstuck.

Straight forward questions, small manageable changes and simple processes to follow…

Each stage helps you create an understanding of who you are, who you want to be, where you are in your life right now and where you want to be. We then work out the steps you need to take to get you from who and where you are to where and who you want to be.

The one factor that every single woman has had in common… They all wanted balance in their life because they got lost being a label and no one has shown them how to be who they are.

Some are super-mum’s that want a career or a life outside the house, they want to know who they are behind the mum badge. They got a bit lost when they prioritised the family’s needs over their own. Being selfish is out of the question.

Angela, Manager, Business Owner & Mum

I really enjoyed the process of the Warrior Woman project. It helped guide me through some difficulties in my life, by covering each week a different subject which everyone could relate a part of their life to.
Jen is the most positive thinking woman I’ve ever met and it can’t help but rub off on you, she is the Ultimate Warrior Woman.

Some are high flying career women that don’t get to spend enough time with their family or time to create a family – hands up the single ladies that are too busy to find romance? They got lost building their independent empire.

Hannah, 30, administration manager

‘Jen provides a safe vantage point from the day to day chores, routine & stresses we encounter.  By offering the warrior women practical advice and a ‘helicopter view’ of our lives we are able to change tact in our lives, tackling nutrition, exercise, routines, relationships & career from a new angle.  
Jen dovetails her NLP expertise with her Pilates know-how, sense of humour and her life knowledge too reminding us through the safe space that is the weekly warrior woman project, that we get just the one chance at this life…it’s too short & precious not to embrace! 
She has helped me improve my diet, my relationships with my nearest n dearest but most importantly my self respect’

Some are the wanderlust, still trying to work out what they want to be when they grow up that they keep packing up, going travelling, seeing the world thinking they will settle down and work it out… right after this next trip….

Yvonne, 42, Manager

Warrior Woman project came at a key time for me. I faced redundancy from a well paid but much hated job.

The WW programme helped me to articulate what I was really looking for professionally, and to find the courage to take action to do something about it.

I found a new and challenging job immediately where I’m valued for my skills and contributions. Work is harder and more demanding but I feel I’m making a contribution and my efforts are appreciated.

I’ve learnt so much about me and how I tick and had a lot of fun along the way. Next step is to use the techniques I’ve learnt to take action to get fit.

Brilliant experience, fabulous peer support from the other Warrior Women and expert guidance and challenge from Jen.

I’m a changed woman – seriously!

Just be yourself… Sure, that’s easy when you know how… But when was the last time someone showed you how to work out who you are?

Just do what makes you happy… Again, easy when you know how, and how do you find the time to sit and work that all out?

If you don’t go for your dreams, what is your life about?
Helping someone else live theirs?
Pretending to be something you are not?
Not being completely happy?
Being dishonest to yourself?

Can you honestly think it is OK to put everyone else first while you take a back seat?

Did you know that if you are selfish enough to chase your own dreams that you will actually make not only yourself happy, but the people around you happier too?

I have broken down the Warrior Woman Project in to 12 steps, 1 to work on each week, emailed to your inbox with a small task to do to help you replace the chaos with order.

Week 1 – Wheel of Happiness (where are you right now?) & Goal Setting Action Plan (where do you want to be and how we will get you there)

Week 2 – Understanding your values (who are you?)

Week 3 – The good, the bad & the achievements (what are your good points, bad points & proud times)

Week 4 – Stress (what it is, how it affects you, how to control it to your advantage)

Week 5 – Review Wheel of Happiness & Goals (are you moving in the right direction or do you need a change of direction?)

Week 6 – Relationships (who are you and the people in your life and how do you connect with them, or not. Why some people are easier to be around than others)

Week 7 – Procrastination (we all do it, but sometimes it’s a good thing)

Week 8 – Problem Solving (what is the problem really and how do we deal with it)

Week 9 – Believe in Yourself (what do you tell yourself, how is it affecting who you are?)

Week 10 – 4 Rules that could change your outlook and help you find freedom

Week 11 – Review Wheel of Happiness & Goals (are you moving in the right direction or do you need a change of direction?)

Week 12 – Empowerment & Moving Forward (creating empowerment and the ripple effect)

Special Launch BONUS offers:

* First 10 Warrior Women to sign up will get a one to one with me (If you don’t live in Glasgow we will Skype or call)

* FREE copy of my recipe book packed with smoothies, salads, juices, and treats. All easy to make and made from all natural ingredients.

* Private Facebook group to help hold you accountable

The Warrior Woman Project Online Programme starts on Monday 22nd June when the first email will land in your inbox.

Sign Up Today to get your special bonus offers, remember only the first 10 to sign up have a one to one included… Bookings close at 10pm on Sunday 21st June

Warrior Woman Project Online £150

Warrior Woman Project Plus £350 (includes all above plus 2 x 2 hour one to one sessions)

Warrior Woman Project Intense £750 (includes all above plus 12 x 1 hour one to one sessions)

The Warrior Woman Project IS For You If:

*You are ready to take responsibility for your life

*You have had enough of your own bullshit

*You want a work / life balance

*You know that a supportive group that will hold you accountable is what you need

The Warrior Woman Project Is NOT For You If: 

*You already have excuses ready

*If your comfort zone is just too comfy

*If you think you can do it on your own and don’t need to be held accountable

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Sarah, 28, Self Employed

Warrior Woman has helped me in more ways than one but the biggest change is that it’s helped me with the death of someone very close to me.

I have struggled with it for 8yrs. I guess it had kind of become a part of me. I was very much living in the past because I was so in my head and not letting go.

Warrior Woman helped me look at it differently. It helped me see that I lost someone very special to me but I also was blessed with having him be a part of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.

This is just one thing Warrior Woman has helped me with but this is the one that I thought was just always going to be a part of me rather than part of my past. I learned to let go and that is okay’