Getting in the habit

Day 3, Create a ritual. Rituals are things that you do on a regular basis. You brush your teeth morning and night, that is a ritual. You have tea with your breakfast and read these emails while you are doing that, that is a ritual.

Your day is full of them, how many of them though are beneficial to you? Obviously brushing your teeth and reading these emails are highly beneficial. But, is having a biscuit with every cup of tea really that good for you? I stopped drinking regular tea because I had created a ritual of tea and a biscuit all the time… biscuits are not so tasty with herbal tea.

What we want to do now is create some more and new rituals that are going to benefit your health and overall wellbeing.

Things you can start to make a ritual:


Drink warm water with lemon in it to cleanse your kidneys and liver first thing in the morning

Do a morning stretch session or yoga

Write morning pages – the very first thoughts that come in to your head without thinking about them write them down and keep writing for 10-20mins without stopping, without reading back, without correcting spelling or punctuation.

Go for a morning walk or jog

Think of something that will give you some time for you and be a benefit to you and start doing it. You might need to set yourself a reminder each day to start with, but you will quickly get in to the habit and before you know you will make it part of your day without thinking about it.

I would love to hear what your rituals are

Jen x

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We All Need A Holiday

You NEED your holidays and time off…

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, you need time out to refresh the batteries and come back with new ideas, a new lease of life and focus.

I am really guilty of this, it’s now nearly the end of June and this is me taking my first proper time off since the start of the year!

I can feel it and my body is showing signs of stress too… My eczema has flared up, dark circles under my eyes and I am more forgetful than usual.

I also had some tests recently because my skin flare ups are inconsistent and the results of them coming back, my stomach acid is low which is making me nutrient deficient and more sensitive to foods that I have a low tolerance for…

The most likely cause? Stress!

Perfect timing for me that I am heading off on holiday today.

Bit of sightseeing, bit of lying on the beach doing nothing but listening to good music and reading… Of course there is a music festival or 2 happening that I am going to but the day times will be all about doing not much.

I have been recommended to add in walks in the country, yoga and meditation to my weekly routine which will be added in when I get back to my schedule and it will be in my diary to remind me so it becomes part of the routine.

How are you feeling generally? Are you getting any skin break outs? It could be spots, eczema, psoriasis etc. Are you bloated after eating?

These are all symptoms that could be a sign you need some time out…

If you don’t have anything booked to go away, schedule in some time off, take yourself away for the day, get along to a low intensity, low impact class, download some guided meditation and go exploring the countryside, breathing in the fresh air…

Have a happy stress free day

Jen x