A special gift

Day 8 Delegate, this is something I have learned to get better at.

Once you get the hang of it, getting others to do the stuff you don’t like doing or struggle to do is a gift from the time gods.

Things like ironing, I never iron, I don’t even own an ironing board, thankfully none of my clothes need ironed, and if they did I would pay someone else to do it.

Cleaning is not one of my strong points either, I do clean and I like clear surfaces which makes it easier.  I used to have a lady that came to the house once a fortnight and cleaned for me, sadly she gave it up to look after her family and I have never quite got round to looking for another on.  My flatmate Susan is amazing with the hoover though, gets the carpet on the stairs looking like new.

Websites…. Argh! You have no idea how much I hate spending my day at a computer trying to get things on the website to work.  That side of my business is where I am actively seeking someone to take over the tasks that chain me to a desk.

Buying stylish clothes, outside of buying gym gear and vest tops I need help, this task gets delegated to Kirsty, she knows just glancing at an outfit whether or not it will look good on you.

Accounts, another argh… I tried to do my own the first year I was self-employed, I got as far as going to the HMRC website and got stuck with the first couple of questions after my personal details, passed that on to an accountant.

It’s all about knowing your strengths and working with them.

That’s why people employ me, to take the thinking out of their exercise routines, eating plans and personal development. I know the right questions to ask to get you to the answers you need to get you moving in the right direction.

When you have tried and failed or tried and got a wee bit down the road you realise that it is better to delegate some of it to me to help get you there faster and potentially less painfully.

Have a look at your week and your goals. What can you delegate out to make your life work better, free up some of your time and take some of the stress off?

Embrace day 8.

Jen x

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We All Need A Holiday

You NEED your holidays and time off…

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, you need time out to refresh the batteries and come back with new ideas, a new lease of life and focus.

I am really guilty of this, it’s now nearly the end of June and this is me taking my first proper time off since the start of the year!

I can feel it and my body is showing signs of stress too… My eczema has flared up, dark circles under my eyes and I am more forgetful than usual.

I also had some tests recently because my skin flare ups are inconsistent and the results of them coming back, my stomach acid is low which is making me nutrient deficient and more sensitive to foods that I have a low tolerance for…

The most likely cause? Stress!

Perfect timing for me that I am heading off on holiday today.

Bit of sightseeing, bit of lying on the beach doing nothing but listening to good music and reading… Of course there is a music festival or 2 happening that I am going to but the day times will be all about doing not much.

I have been recommended to add in walks in the country, yoga and meditation to my weekly routine which will be added in when I get back to my schedule and it will be in my diary to remind me so it becomes part of the routine.

How are you feeling generally? Are you getting any skin break outs? It could be spots, eczema, psoriasis etc. Are you bloated after eating?

These are all symptoms that could be a sign you need some time out…

If you don’t have anything booked to go away, schedule in some time off, take yourself away for the day, get along to a low intensity, low impact class, download some guided meditation and go exploring the countryside, breathing in the fresh air…

Have a happy stress free day

Jen x




Do you live for the weekend?

Do you live for the weekend?

All through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter you see posts TGIF, can’t wait for the weekend, this has been such a long week, counting down the days.

Then on Sunday, it’s all, oh no its Monday tomorrow already, back to work tomorrow with sad faces.

I used to be one of those people, at the start of the year planning my holidays in for the year, spaced out to perfection to maximise the bank holiday weekends. Then the countdown was on.

I used to have a Monday to Saturday 9 – 530 office type job that I quickly grew to feel suffocated in.

Actually I had a few, there were times that I loved but I quickly got bored and I could never understand why, if I had finished all my work did I still need to sit there and fill time just to work the contracted hours. I worked in the travel industry for about 15 years, in travel agents, selling foreign currency, doing admin, and in a call centre doing customer services for airlines.

I did get to live abroad for a couple of years in my travel career which was amazing and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but I was still in an office, still working to hours that someone else dictated to me.

I also got to learn a lot about places in the world that made me want to go and visit them (which I did), I have always been a gypsy at heart, and don’t like to feel trapped or stuck.

In 2002 I went to live in Greece, I finally came back to the UK for good in l 2009. I had travelled around Europe, South East Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia, and lived in Australia for 3 years too.

When I decided to come home I decided it was time to have a career change. The thought of being cooped up in an office again made me want to cry.

I had fallen in love with the gym, doing exercise and being fit and healthy, it made me feel free and inspired and it was all I wanted to know about. Day and night I was reading and learning about health and fitness.

I went back to college as a mature student and had to work pretty much full time hours around that while I retrained. I was 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday, worked Saturday mornings too then Saturday afternoons and Sundays doing my studying.

My days were like that until May 2014.

When you want something badly enough you make the sacrifices you need to get you where you want to be.

Now I have more time to myself I actually don’t feel like I ever do any actual work, everything I do I love, whether its writing these emails or my blog posts, training clients, teaching classes, learning, talking, I just never feel that dread of having to get up.

I LOVE what I do. When I talk to people about what I am doing or what I am learning I can feel the smile on my face. I get excited about what I am talking about.

I can hear myself being a total geek and I am so happy when I can tell people things that will help them improve, whether it’s about confidence, getting a plan to achieving their goals, eating better, performing better in class or changing their body shape.

I believe that we are all here to do what makes us happy. How happy are you with where you are in your life? Do you get to do what you love every day?

If you are one of those people living for their holidays and the weekend, have a think about these questions.

What is it that you love to do?

What is it that you can talk about for hours and hours and never get bored of?

Do you get to fill your days doing that?

Are you counting the days till your next holiday or the end of your shift?

If you could do anything at all, all day, every day what would it be?

Is there a way you can start getting more of that in your life?

If you knew that you would be happy 99% of the mornings you were getting up for work, would you take a risk and make the change?

What can you do today to put more (even if it’s only for a really short time) happiness in your day?

The thing you need to understand about  the Law of Attraction and The Secret purely is that yes, you need to put it out there what it is you want, but you also need to take some action. You need to create your own miracles.

You need the thoughts, then, you need to take action. I don’t believe for one second that Oprah just sits in her living room thinking about what she wants. She is an action taker. She has pushed her whole career for amazing things.

Oprah is a big believer in Law of Attraction and The Secret and believes in her ‘God’ whoever he is to her.

If you need to believe in something external to help push you forward, then that is what you do. Whatever your external belief is will help you.

Believe in it, work hard, take risks, find your passion and take the leap of faith.

Life is too short to be living life waiting for the weekend / holidays / to retire so you can do what you love to do.

Do it now.

Jen x


that time I started to get fixed

Delighted with Jennifer (not me)… 8KG lost in 8 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race with sustainable changes… That’s what happens when you take control in the nutrition programme. Well done Jennifer (not me) J

So, Friday I got had a meet up with my mentor / head coach / life & business coach… Not really sure what title I give him (Brian), but he has made me cry in coffee shops at times over the years.

The first time I met Brian he was doing a talk in my college. He spoke to us about the pain barrier and how bad things needed to be before you did something about it.

I had no idea how much my life was about to change from that moment on.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself in a place where I was overwhelmed and lost.

My head was so noisy I couldn’t think straight, there were tears, there was booze, there were LOTS of nights out, there was a lot of look how great my life is Facebook updates (not really how I was feeling).

I contacted Brian to ask for help and we started having regular coaching sessions.

Time had come to get my head quiet and thoughts under control.

It was life changing.

I can quite honestly say that I would not have come as far in the last 4 years if it had not been for me taking time out to get my head out my arse.

Taking a step back, talking through the mental things that go on in your head and that you believe about yourself is the best way to sort that shit out.

Just saying something out loud can actually cause a penny drop moment.

I love a penny drop moment… The can arrive so unexpectedly and be revolutionary.

There would be times I would be answering a question and be like ‘ahhhhhh….. Now I get it….’

Other times I would start laughing at the ridiculousness of what was coming out my mouth.

We didn’t just work on personal stuff or just work stuff… They all kind of go hand in hand…

If you have a belief about yourself in your personal life that same belief could hold you back in your career.

You are good enough, you do deserve the best and you should NEVER EVER SETTLE.

That is why I have put together my Freedom In Training Transformation Programme.

I want to help you get your shit back on track. Take control of you life, your head, your happiness.

And not just that painted on smile that you put on for your audience (friends, family, work colleagues) I became a master at that but it eventually wore me down.

I hope that these emails are starting to make you think, and make small changes in your life. Jennifer (not me, the one who has lost 8KG) said that they were ‘like daily chicken soup for the soul’…

If you are totally not getting it feel free to unsubscribe at any time. Not everyone will like what I suggest or think and that is fine (you can do that at the bottom of this email).

If they are getting you thinking and you want to know more about my coaching programme then drop me a line, I am more than happy to talk more things through with you.

You never know how your life could change…

Just if you are nosey / interested since the biggest things that have happened to me in the last 4 years:

  • Divorce
  • HND at college while working full time.
  • Started a fitness business with a friend.
  • Opened a fitness studio with same friend.
  • Went to uni to do a degree while opening the studio and working full time.
  • Went on to do a post grad TQFE (still working full time) which I passed with Merit (shocked).
  • Closed both businesses with my friend (we are still friends by the way).
  • Started another business on my own (Freedom In Training)
  • Working with the Indoor Cycling Group, (was part of the presentation team in Blackpool & at LIW this year, am part of the Tabata Master Trainer team, and I am booked for Blackpool again next year).
  • Gave up lots of unnecessary things I did not need or want in my life.
  • Bought my house.
  • Got a whole lot of free time and happiness.
  • Learned how to say yes to more things and no to more things (picking what’s right for me)
  • Found my Freedom.

And that is just some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head…

There were some pretty tough times in that lot along with some very big highs… I wouldn’t change any of it, and appreciate that much of it might not have happened without someone there poking his sharp stick at me, pushing me and my beliefs that I wasn’t good enough…

Just something for you to have a think about… The best and worst question I ever get asked is ‘for what purpose’.

Next time you are thinking, run that question through your head, everything you do, you might surprise yourself.

Have a good day

Jen x