Out With The Old

Day 13 de-clutter

De clutter is as much about getting rid of ‘stuff’ you accumulate over the years as it is about de-cluttering your mind, inbox, life and the unnecessary people in it. You could almost look at it like an cleansing or detox of your life.

Off the back of your delegation and scheduling your days you may have already started to declutter some of the tasks and time wasting elements of your day.

Are there still things when you look at your life that stresses you out?

If there are people, you need to work out a way to have less time with the ones that stress you and more time with the ones that motivate, calm or make you happy.

If you have clutter and there is stuff you need to clear out. Start with the drawer that is bulging and you are not sure exactly what’s in it. If you haven’t looked for it, used it or even knew you owned it get rid.

Sell what you can, take the rest to the charity or recycling.

Got to your wardrobe(s) and try on your clothes…

Only keep the clothes that you feel good in, make you happy and you know you will wear… The rest NEED to go.

Get your friends together and have a clothes swap party. It doesn’t matter that you are all different sizes and have different styles, you would be surprised the clothes people have that don’t suit them or fit them – think how much you have.

Clothes, shoes, accessories, nail polish, make-up, it can all go to another home. What no one else wants goes to a charity shop or hand them in to a local hostel.

You will get rid of and gain some new outfits for free and get time with your mates laughing, drinking, eating and style advising each other.

Sheets, towels and blankets are always needed at places like The Dog’s Trust or homeless shelters. There are loads of places that will be very grateful for your unwanted stuff.

I know when my head is starting to get chaotic because my room starts to look like a cyclone has passed through… Clear space allows for a clear head.

Make it a world you want to live in, that makes you happy and makes you feel relaxed and energised – stuff, people and work.

I live by a rule of if in doubt chuck it out… It’s worked for me so far

Jen x