Go the extra mile to get an extra mile

Yesterday I was talking to you about communication and connecting with people.

There are some people that you instantly click with and others that need a bit more work. Sometimes though that work can just be about you and what head space you are in when you first meet.

If your head is busy and you are distracted, straight away you can give off a disinterested and stand offish vibe that could make the other person not feel comfortable to be themselves. Or maybe it is them who is distracted and has other things on their mind…

Remember, only your world revolves around you. You are the most important person in your world, they are the most important person in theirs. Fair’s fair.

If you do want people to respond and connect with you more, you need to put in some of the ground work, be open to conversation, say ‘Hi’ first, smile, make the effort, even ask how their day is going.

I had a conversation with a client recently who was talking about how much better her friend gets treated when she goes to restaurants and café’s and in shops than she does. I remember having had the same problem. I watched the people I know that get great service to see what was different.

The difference was I didn’t really give much energy or take much notice of the people I was dealing with. I was polite, said my pleases and thank you’s but didn’t really take much other notice. I was too busy in my own head, thinking about my own stuff.

When I started to be more present in these transactions, gave attention to whoever I was connecting with it changed. I was nicer to them, they were nicer to me.

We can’t expect people to go the extra mile for us if we don’t go the extra mile and show we give a shit about them.

There will be some people that no matter how nice you are to them you will get nothing back. You don’t know what is going on in their world so don’t take it personally.

It only takes a little bit of effort to make a situation much more pleasant for both of you.

Have a great Tuesday

Jen x

The secret to your success

Yesterday I lectured you…

I would apologise, but sometimes you need a bit of a rant for you to take action.

How did you do on your task?

What could you do to make a positive impact on your life? Did you do anything about it?

Time and time again I hear the same old excuse ‘I’m too busy’.

This has to be the worst excuse ever, especially when you make time to do things for other people all the time… I would put money on the fact that you say yes to your boss, colleagues and clients making sacrifices on your own time to do things for them.

Everyone has the same 24hrs in the day, we need to prioritise that time to make sure that we get time for ourselves.

I am going to ask you this, why do you think on an aeroplane you need to put your own mask on first before helping others?

What use to the world are you if you are not in your best form?

If you are already pretty amazing at doing stuff for other people, imagine how much better you would be if you were an improved version of what you are now…

Just putting that out there for you to have a think about.

Every single thing you do counts…

You choose what you buy when you go to the supermarket (and you know that fruit and veg is better than cake and crisps).

A stir-fry takes less than 10mins to cook, even less if you take the pre chopped bags of veg.

You choose to stay in bed an extra hour rather than get up and do some exercises in the morning, whether it’s in the house or getting to the gym.

You choose to sit and watch TV instead of reading that book, doing a course, learning something new, working on that hobby that you would love to do as work instead of the job you do.

You put so much effort in for other people, and you are the most important person in your world (it’s OK to be selfish when it makes you better for you and everyone else).

Great results come from consistent work every single day.

It’s never too late to start making better choices, putting in more effort, becoming consistent.

The only thing that stops you is you. You have the final decision on everything in your life.

The small seemingly insignificant changes can have the biggest impact.

I took the decision to smile and say hi first at people in the gym means I now chat to loads of people in there now, I love going in even more now because it’s a nice, friendly experience and some of those old dudes have the best chat!

All from just being the one to smile first.

It was a massive thing for me to find the confidence to do but in terms of the world was a tiny thing to change.

My challenge to you… Make a tiny change and do it consistently.

Have an epic week.

Jen x