How Clean is Your Food?

Day 18 Eat clean

One of my favourite topics of conversation, food.

If you have been eating mindfully (day 5) you will notice when you eat because you are hungry or when you are emotionally eating, and also when you are full. When your brain is switched off from the activity you don’t even notice until you are stuffed.

Now we have our attention switched on when we are eating, we want to make sure that the quality of the food that you are eating is real ‘clean’ food.

When I think of eating clean, I think of fresh produce, single ingredient foods that you can combine together yourself to make amazing tasty meals – unprocessed food.

If out of convenience you do need to buy pre-packaged food (we all get caught out or want a treat from time to time) go for foods with the least amount of ingredients.

Read the ingredients list and make sure you know what everything is.

If you are not sure what it is or how to pronounce it chances are you shouldn’t be eating it.

The more clean, single ingredient foods that you eat mindfully, the less you will have to watch what you are eating and less you will have to worry about over eating.

As you eat (and drink) less processed foods you will find your energy levels will increase, your sleep will be much better quality and your waistline will go down.

Bonus, bonus, bonus….

That is not to say that you can’t ever have a treat, of course you can, but make sure that it is a treat (as in not every single day).

Start your day with a good breakfast:

Porridge, eggs, omelette, Greek yogurt with muesli or a smoothie (mostly made of veg).

Once you get that first good meal in it makes the rest of the day easier to continue. Try to have veg  and protein with every meal to keep you ticking over nicely.

If you start with nothing or cereal chances are you will be craving sugar within a couple of hours.

I would love to hear what your favourite meal is

Jen x

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