You won’t believe what I did

When you get stuck inside your world and your problems it can be really difficult to see a way out of them. All you can see is the problem and everything that goes with it.

The best way to deal with it is to get out of it. Step away. Go away. Breathe. Take a time out.

Whether it is in work or your personal life, the more you try and sort it out inside the worse it gets and the less productive you can be. You get overwhelmed and panicked then you make bad decisions and sometimes even the stress of it will make you do mental things that are totally out of character. – I have gone out for the day and left my front door open, sent a text message that I really shouldn’t have, then followed that up with yet another message that I shouldn’t have, agreed to do things that I didn’t actually want to do or refused things that really would have been a great help…

Thankfully I haven’t done any really mental things in a while. I am getting better are stepping out, looking at the situation from a birds eye view and trying to make sense of all angles of the problem before it consumes normality.

My top tips for when things feel out of control.

  • Take a break, go for fresh air, make a cup of tea (camomile is always good)
  • Try to look at the situation from an unattached perspective
  • What would you tell a friend to do if they were in this situation?
  • Ask for help from someone objective

Don’t get stuck or let your world overwhelm you.


Jen x

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that time I started to get fixed

Delighted with Jennifer (not me)… 8KG lost in 8 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race with sustainable changes… That’s what happens when you take control in the nutrition programme. Well done Jennifer (not me) J

So, Friday I got had a meet up with my mentor / head coach / life & business coach… Not really sure what title I give him (Brian), but he has made me cry in coffee shops at times over the years.

The first time I met Brian he was doing a talk in my college. He spoke to us about the pain barrier and how bad things needed to be before you did something about it.

I had no idea how much my life was about to change from that moment on.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself in a place where I was overwhelmed and lost.

My head was so noisy I couldn’t think straight, there were tears, there was booze, there were LOTS of nights out, there was a lot of look how great my life is Facebook updates (not really how I was feeling).

I contacted Brian to ask for help and we started having regular coaching sessions.

Time had come to get my head quiet and thoughts under control.

It was life changing.

I can quite honestly say that I would not have come as far in the last 4 years if it had not been for me taking time out to get my head out my arse.

Taking a step back, talking through the mental things that go on in your head and that you believe about yourself is the best way to sort that shit out.

Just saying something out loud can actually cause a penny drop moment.

I love a penny drop moment… The can arrive so unexpectedly and be revolutionary.

There would be times I would be answering a question and be like ‘ahhhhhh….. Now I get it….’

Other times I would start laughing at the ridiculousness of what was coming out my mouth.

We didn’t just work on personal stuff or just work stuff… They all kind of go hand in hand…

If you have a belief about yourself in your personal life that same belief could hold you back in your career.

You are good enough, you do deserve the best and you should NEVER EVER SETTLE.

That is why I have put together my Freedom In Training Transformation Programme.

I want to help you get your shit back on track. Take control of you life, your head, your happiness.

And not just that painted on smile that you put on for your audience (friends, family, work colleagues) I became a master at that but it eventually wore me down.

I hope that these emails are starting to make you think, and make small changes in your life. Jennifer (not me, the one who has lost 8KG) said that they were ‘like daily chicken soup for the soul’…

If you are totally not getting it feel free to unsubscribe at any time. Not everyone will like what I suggest or think and that is fine (you can do that at the bottom of this email).

If they are getting you thinking and you want to know more about my coaching programme then drop me a line, I am more than happy to talk more things through with you.

You never know how your life could change…

Just if you are nosey / interested since the biggest things that have happened to me in the last 4 years:

  • Divorce
  • HND at college while working full time.
  • Started a fitness business with a friend.
  • Opened a fitness studio with same friend.
  • Went to uni to do a degree while opening the studio and working full time.
  • Went on to do a post grad TQFE (still working full time) which I passed with Merit (shocked).
  • Closed both businesses with my friend (we are still friends by the way).
  • Started another business on my own (Freedom In Training)
  • Working with the Indoor Cycling Group, (was part of the presentation team in Blackpool & at LIW this year, am part of the Tabata Master Trainer team, and I am booked for Blackpool again next year).
  • Gave up lots of unnecessary things I did not need or want in my life.
  • Bought my house.
  • Got a whole lot of free time and happiness.
  • Learned how to say yes to more things and no to more things (picking what’s right for me)
  • Found my Freedom.

And that is just some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head…

There were some pretty tough times in that lot along with some very big highs… I wouldn’t change any of it, and appreciate that much of it might not have happened without someone there poking his sharp stick at me, pushing me and my beliefs that I wasn’t good enough…

Just something for you to have a think about… The best and worst question I ever get asked is ‘for what purpose’.

Next time you are thinking, run that question through your head, everything you do, you might surprise yourself.

Have a good day

Jen x