What Do You Dream About?

Half way through this month of gratitude and self-care. Day 15 Write your dreams.

This is slightly different from writing you goals, this is because you need to know your dreams before you write your goals.

Writing and admitting your dreams is the hard part, once you know what your dreams are you can then set your goals and action plan.

If you have written your fears back in day 9 then this will be easier. You will have already started realising and overcoming some of the things that hold you back.

Sometimes we are scared to say our dreams out loud, partly because there will always be people who tell us we can’t and that it’s impossible and the other part is there are people who believe in you and will expect you to go and make it happen.

It is easier to tell the first lot of people who will just validate your fears… Be bold and tell the second lot, find people that will motivate you and push you to achieve and believe in yourself. You can always do a lot more than you ever thought you could.

Do you want to write a book?

Do you want to change career?

Give up work and go travelling for a year?

Do you want to find a boy, get married and have kids?

Do you want to be on a mission to space?

Think big, and write them down, even if you feel silly…

Then, go to day 9 when you wrote down your fears. Look at where your fears are holding you back from your dreams. What can you do to overcome those fears to be a step closer to your dreams?

Its nuts how much closer you could get if you just dropped the fear. Dream big, work round the fears and talk to the right people. Don’t let people tell you that you have a head full of broken biscuits or that your head is in the clouds… Someone has to make a change, why can it not be you?

The ceiling is glass, smash through it…

Happy humpday dreamers

Jen x

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In This Moment

This moment contains all the moments’. C.S Lewis

Every single moment in your life is the only moment. It shapes the moments of the future and happens because of the moments gone past…

What you decide right now is the only thing that is important.

If you have read The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle tells you that the Now is the only important time, not to live in the past or the future but right now…

There is part of that I get and I agree with, but, my understanding of what he was saying was to just delete the past and not even consider the future or make goals or plans…

That bit I don’t fully agree with.

What I believe is we have to accept that the past is gone and it can’t be changed and we should have goals and plans for the future to give us something to work towards, give us some drive and motivation.

I also believe though that we can’t control what is going to happen in the future so although we work toward something what we get might not be what we planned, I do believe though that what we end up with is way better than we planned – that is often down to us not believing our full potential.

Did you do yesterday’s task? Did you do your negative list and destroy it and create your achievements?

How does it make you feel looking at your achievements? I would like to think pretty proud – this is one of my reasons I don’t think we should completely forget the past… We have achieved so much, and grown and learned and shaped our character through mistakes and achievements.

We want to bring all those moments in to our present moment, use them to shape this moment to create more amazing moments in the future.

Have an amazing Wednesday

Jen x

Can you create your own destiny?

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. Take responsibility for your life.

I found this on a post it note which I wrote at some point and it has come in to my eye line just when I needed to see it, must have read or heard it somewhere and thought I would need to read it again.

It was kind of ironic that I found when I was thinking about getting my tarot cards read again.

I am not sure I believe in card readings but at the same time am always intrigued by them… I have had them done a couple of times and they have said the same thing.

The first guy I ever had do a reading was pretty good, he told me some stuff that was un guessable like the layout of my mum’s house and that it was connected to another family member. From my palm reading he told me about my personality (which I have read books on and there is scientific research on) and these people are good at reading people (ever watched Lie To Me? You should watch it, people are fascinating).

Other blah blah I was told the last time, your life is going to be based around your career, there is not much about a love life but there could be something around Christmas (yeah that has passed and no boy) who would be older (but that could be days or weeks not necessarily years) and there might be someone younger (again could be days or weeks) and you will travel with work – that travel could be between my house and the gym though… talk about covering all bases!!

And it’s kind of where my life is and has been for the last 5 years… As I write this I have just talked myself in to saving cash and not bothering with another reading.

I do wonder though if the first card reading had made me subconsciously make choices that I might have otherwise chosen differently.

I know a couple of people who regularly get their cards done and live their life by what they are told. One of them has travelled the world because of what she had read, which is maybe not a bad thing if it wasn’t something she had considered before.

I am more a believer in creating your own destiny, if you don’t like the direction your life is going it is up to you to make the changes you need. The cards I suppose are just looking for some reassurance.

Whatever it is, you are the only one who can make the changes to your life.

Your job, home, social life, friends, weight, fitness, beliefs…

The rebel in me wants to prove the cards are wrong, maybe there could have been a boy at Christmas time and I chose not to see him just to show those cards…

How often has someone told you something about you (not a fortune teller, but a family member or friends) that you believe to be true? You are shy, you are nervous, you don’t believe in yourself, you are not confident?

How quick are you to believe that is right about you?

On the other side when you are paid a compliment you don’t take it on board so quickly. You are confident, you are beautiful, you look amazing, you are smart…

We seem to challenge these positive thoughts and accept the negative.

Is it the same when we get cards read? We believe the bits that we want to believe.

I prefer:

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. Take responsibility for your life.

I would love to hear what you believe & think about it. Do you live by the cards or make your own destiny?

Totally ramble topic today, have a great Friday

Jen x







Say it with pride

Do you know how to be proud of yourself?

How many things have you done with your life that you have taken a moment to sit back and be proud of yourself?

I went through a phase of doing things, and being so focused on the next thing that I didn’t appreciate anything that I had done.

When I was going for NLP coaching I remember Brian (my coach) asking me how I felt about having done and achieving so many things already in life. Did I not feel proud?

At that moment in time I could quite honestly say that I did not know what it felt like to feel proud about achievements.

Being too proud to accept help I am a pro at, but being able to step back and say ‘I did that, it was hard work, and I pushed through against the odds and got there’ that kind of pride was alien to me.

Having people around you that point out your achievements. That make you realise that what you have done is out of the ordinary. That you are achieving things that many people would shy away from. They make you stop and celebrate your success with you.

I never dreamed when I was leaving school that I would even want to go to uni, never mind return to education at 30 years old.

I then went through a divorce and lost my grandmother and still achieved the highest grade in my class for my graded unit at college.

I didn’t stop to be proud, I needed to keep busy, find something else to drive me forward.

June 2014 I graduated from Stirling University with a Postgraduate Diploma with MERIT.  I left school with a Higher in English, and I was tutored the whole year to get me that C.

Since finding out I passed, and then finding out I passed with merit, I have felt proud.

I stopped and took a look back at the last 5 years. Even the last 10 years. I have done more in the last decade than some have done in a lifetime. There is a lot there for me to be proud of.

When was the last time you stopped and looked back?

Start to write down some of your achievements. Once you get started and talk to the people close to you, they will remind you of things.

Keep your list.

I found an awesome book, every day you write a line, a memory, achievement, anything at all for that day. Every year you start again at the beginning.

Over 5 years you can see what happened on that very same date the year before.

I have only just started using it, already I writing things I look forward to remembering over again. You can get a copy on Amazon: One Line A Day, A 5 Year Memory Book << if you click on the blue it will take you to it in Amazon.

Start your list today. What are you proud of? Keep the list. Add to it.

Here’s to a future of achievements and memories

Jen x