After Eight Chocolate Milkshake – Healthy(ish)

After Eight Chocolate Milkshake – Healthy(ish)

I have never been a fan of chocolate milk or hot chocolate, I always find the shop bought ones too sweet.

This wee recipe though is amazing and is on the healthier side.

soak 2 tablespoons chia seeds in 1 cup of unsweetened milk of choice at room temp for 20mins (I used homemade almond milk).

blend that, with 1 cup coconut milkĀ  (you can use any milk of choice and could use 1 cup frozen milk or ice cream type if you want it thicker)

2 tablespoons cacoa or cocoa,

1 tablespoon honey

1/8 tspn peppermint essence

Serve and enjoy

This recipe serves 2, but to be honest I enjoyed it too much and drank the lot.