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I have been reading a lot recently about probiotics and how to balance the good bacteria in your gut… You can take probiotic supplements which are great, but so is real food. Foods that are great for balancing gut health – locally produced organic food (vegetables and meats get natural bacteria from the soil, that is why it needs to be organic) and fermented food and drinks like Miso soup, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut.

Because we are going to focus on health for December I thought I would share this recipe for sauerkraut with you.


For every 28oz of vegetable use 3.5 teaspoons of salt. I highly recommend pink Himalayan salt as it is naturally organic and chemical free and has high mineral levels.

The first time I made this I just used cabbage, there are a whole host of veggies that are good for fermenting that include:

Carrots, beetroot, cabbage, peppers, kale, onion, leeks, parsnip, radish, ginger and garlic


Take the outside leaf off the cabbage and keep it to the side to use later.

Shred your veg (the smaller you shred the faster it will ferment)and put it in to a bowl (if you have time allow it to sit for around 60mins to let it start to wilt)

Massage the salt in to the veg and squeeze to get the juices to start extracting (again leave to sit for 20-60mins if you have time)

I also grated some fresh ginger in and added a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and mixed that through

I used a mason jar

Start putting the veg in to the jar and using the end of a rolling pin pressed it down in to the jar to pack it in.

Take the cabbage leaf you kept aside earlier and tear round a size enough to cover the top of the shredded cabbage and cover it over pressing it down.

I used a dish cloth (or you can use cheesecloth) and cover the jar (I secured it with elastic bands) and leave it out of direct sunlight.

Check it every 1-3 days for the juices over flowing or sometimes there is a yeast skin over the top, skim that off and replace the covering.

Your product will then be ready for consumption in 7-14 days…

There are loads of different ideas for different flavours, herbs and spices that you can add to your blend.

Here is to a healthy gut

Jen x



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