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Spicy Scrambled Tofu

Yes, I am still on my tofu recipes mission…

This used to be one of my favourite go to tofu meals and I as I write this I realised I haven’t had it for AGES… I stopped eating bread for a while and didn’t miss it so haven’t really gone back to it… but now I remember about this recipe… its coming back on my menu!

1 block pressed tofu (just from the packet, you don’t need to press it anymore unless you want to)

1 teaspoon curry powder ( I like the garam masala blend)

Chilli powder (to your taste)

Pinch salt

Pinch pepper

½ teaspoon turmeric

2 slices of toast (I like a nice wholegrain seed bread)

Handful spinach

Tablespoon oil (olive, coconut, almond, sesame or whatever you like best)


In a bowl put tofu, curry powder, chilli powder, salt, pepper, turmeric and mash together with a fork to create your scramble

Toast your bread

In a frying pan heat your oil then add the mashed tofu, move around so it doesn’t stick to the pan and let heat through (2-3 minutes)

When your toast is ready put it on a plate, add the spinach on top of your toast then the scrambled tofu on top of the spinach.

Just on writing out this recipe, you could probably add the spinach to the tofu if you prefer your spinach cooked – I have never tried this option so it will be your trial and error.


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