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I came across an amazing recipe for baked tofu on Instagram from the Minimalist Baker ( all her recipes use 10 or less ingredients, 1 bowl and are ready in under 30 minutes – although the prep time for this recipe means it’s a bit longer.

I am always looking for ways to make tofu taste great and this is champion.

Crispy Peanut Tofu

350g pressed tofu

1½ tablespoons sesame oil

¼ cup tamari or low salt soy sauce

3 tablespoons light brown sugar or honey

½ teaspoon chilli garlic sauce

2½ tablespoons whole earth peanut butter (you could use almond butter instead)


Drain the tofu – I wrap the block in a clean dish towel, sit it in a bowl, cover with a plastic back then stack some books on top and leave for at least 30 mins.

Bake the tofu – once you have left the tofu to drain, pre heat the oven to 200deg, cut the tofu in to squares and place on some greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Bake for 25 mins to allow the tofu to dry out.

In a bowl add sesame oil, tamari, sugar, chilli sauce and peanut butter and mix together. Do a taste test to see if it is the right sweetness or saltyness for your preference.

Once the tofu has baked, remove from the greaseproof paper and allow to cool for a few minutes. Once its cooled, add it to the sauce and mix through. Allow it to stand for around 15 minutes to soak up the flavours.

To accompany:

I like to have a stir fry veg and noodles with this. You could have rice, cauliflower rice or just stir fried veg with it.

I make my stir fry with soy sauce, garlic, chilli and a couple of spoons of the tofu sauce.

While you are making your stir fry heat a separate frying pan with a little bit of sesame oil, spoon out the coated tofu pieces in to the heated frying pan to crisp off. Because the sauce is sticky it will thicken up in the pan and stick so keep it moving round (the sticky bits are delicious).

Serve up your stir fry accompaniment, place the tofu pieces on top and dress with the remainder of the sauce from the bowl and enjoy… delicious!!!

Have a great weekend

Jen x


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