Personal Training

We all want to like what we see in the mirror, feel confident naked. Maybe lose a few pounds and tone up a bit. You know what it is you need to do to make the difference, you just can’t quite find the motivation to get you there…


I get that… I always push a bit more when I am working with someone else, whether it is in the gym, in a class or on my business… We all need someone to hold us accountable.

Personal Training can seem like a scary thing. I hear many women say ‘personal training?! I’m not fit enough for that’ or ‘I am too scared to have someone shouting at me’ or ‘I don’t like other people watching me in the gym’.

What I want to reassure you about personal training with me is there is no shouting, there is no ‘beast it’ attitude, there is no making you do things that you hate, making you cry (not intentionally) or making you throw up. I will never expect you or ask you to do something that you are not capable of doing or will make you feel foolish.

My aim to to help you achieve a body that you are happy with. You will build strength not just in your body but in your mind. I want you to realise your potential and what you are capable of so you feel more confident.


There will be times that I push you (that’s my job and what you are paying for) and there will be times that I pull you back (that’s my job and what you are paying me for) as much as we want to see results, we also need to prevent injury and look after your mindset and help keep you on track.

Think about how many times you go full overhaul in your diet and exercise routine and within a couple of months you give up because there is too much going on, your priorities are pulling you all over the place and everything just gets too hard.

I want you to have a healthy and happy relationship with food. I will encourage you to eat well and allow yourself the occasional treat. There will be zero tolerance to meal replacement shake & supplement plans and heavily restricted calorie intake diets. If you have had a lifetime of yo-yo dieting I can help you BUT you have to understand there is no quick fix or magic pill.  This is a sustainable lifestyle change for the long term where I will teach you what I know and it is up to you to take it on board.

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I want you to break free from your self-sabotaging cycles and find a lifestyle that you can enjoy and maintain. This isn’t just about your body right now… This is about your 85 year old body, you want to still be able to get up and down stairs, manage to the shops and be able to look after yourself.

This is for you if:

  • You are fed up self-sabotaging
  • You have tried every diet and ‘magic pill’ and have not achieved long term success
  • You are sick of your own excuses
  • You are exhausted and need more energy
  • You are not seeing results that you feel you should with your current plan

What’s Included:

  • One to one training sessions
  • Membership to The Arc Gym*
  • Tailored plan to meet your goals and exercise preferences
  • 4 weekly review of results and goals
  • BONUS Warrior Woman Project Online Programme*
  • BONUS WWP Recipe book with easy to make healthy meals including snacks to keep you on track

* minimum sign up for membership to The Arc and Warrior Woman Project is 3 month package


Personal Training Packages

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