You won’t believe what I did

When you get stuck inside your world and your problems it can be really difficult to see a way out of them. All you can see is the problem and everything that goes with it.

The best way to deal with it is to get out of it. Step away. Go away. Breathe. Take a time out.

Whether it is in work or your personal life, the more you try and sort it out inside the worse it gets and the less productive you can be. You get overwhelmed and panicked then you make bad decisions and sometimes even the stress of it will make you do mental things that are totally out of character. – I have gone out for the day and left my front door open, sent a text message that I really shouldn’t have, then followed that up with yet another message that I shouldn’t have, agreed to do things that I didn’t actually want to do or refused things that really would have been a great help…

Thankfully I haven’t done any really mental things in a while. I am getting better are stepping out, looking at the situation from a birds eye view and trying to make sense of all angles of the problem before it consumes normality.

My top tips for when things feel out of control.

  • Take a break, go for fresh air, make a cup of tea (camomile is always good)
  • Try to look at the situation from an unattached perspective
  • What would you tell a friend to do if they were in this situation?
  • Ask for help from someone objective

Don’t get stuck or let your world overwhelm you.


Jen x

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