You listen but you can’t hear a thing

This week I am on a bit of an internal focus, follow your gut, instincts, intuition, angels whatever you want to call it.

Something that I experience and I know everyone else does too is that sometimes it can be hard to feel that internal focus. This happens particularly when we are stressed, really busy, have other people offering their opinions and advice and / or your negative internal voice is really loud.

How many genius ideas, thoughts, and memories have you had in the shower / in yoga / meditating /driving or doing some other distracting activity where you are not thinking?

I know that if I sit down to write my emails if my head is thinking of other things then the emails are either crap or they don’t happen at all…

That can be when the procrastination kicks in.

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How many times have you been speaking to someone and your head is racing, thinking about your to do list, about what someone else said to you earlier, what you need to get from the supermarket and all of a sudden you have no idea what the person in front of you has just said?

Or sometimes you are trying to listen but their words all seem to sound jumbled up and you can’t make sense of what they are telling you, even though what they are saying is total sense?

You hear a noise but you don’t hear anything.

We need to learn (and train ourselves) to move away from the bad thoughts, from the stress, from the noise (internal and external). It is when you park the nonsense your thoughts become clear and you can hear again.

I am going to leave you with those thoughts for today…

Happy humpday

Jen x

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