You are never too old to make new friends

You are never too old to make new friends…

I was having a conversation with a client the other day and they mentioned that they didn’t really have any mates that they could hang out with. Turns out this is a pretty common thing…

I quite like spending time on my own, but I do love to have friends around for tea or go out for food (especially going out for food).

Susan (one of my longest standing friends) says that I am the common denominator of our group.

Just about everyone in our group knows each other through me.

I didn’t notice the link at first but I am not going to deny, it’s a nice thing to be.

It’s great to see people form a bond of friendship and I have been part of that introduction.

Growing up I was taught to be nice to people, listen to their stories (I am a much better listener than talker).

I always made friends as a kid on holiday, I would go off to the swimming pool or kids club and return with a wee group of friends.

I am not even one of the cool kids, I never have been.  I wore Dunlop’s when they weren’t cool and a school blazer when no one else did…

I think as adults it is something that we find difficult to do, make new friends.

We become very self conscious and possibly self aware of everything.

We think and edit too much of what we say in fear of sounding stupid or too eager.

Have a think about how many people in your life that you hang out with.

If there is not that many don’t worry about it. Look at where you can start to meet new people to start to build your social circle (only if you want, if you are happy on your todd then ignore this).

I am not going to lie, I struggled to think of places where you can meet new people but a few places to start where you might be able to catch someone not glued to their mobile phone: Work, the gym, night school, leisure classes.

One thing I love about my ‘job’ is how the group has expanded and real friendships have developed it’s an ever increasing group of friends who don’t just come to classes together, but socialise together as well.

We’re not always in one big group because we all have outside interests that are different and there is a big mix of personalities there too.

I set YOU this challenge if you are feeling a bit short on the friends front or that your social life is a bit flat, or even if you want to ditch some and replace them (sometimes we outgrow friendships)

One small change every week:

Start by speaking to everyone you come in to contact with, just starting to say hi to people in passing – you will be surprised how many people actually respond.

Get used to having conversations.

Some will end at the hi, but others will be a little bit more.

From there your next step is to build on that conversation, people will start to recognise you as ‘that friendly person’.  In a few weeks you might have even found someone you like chatting to on a regular basis.

Next step is socialise with them, whether it is a coffee at lunch, invite them along to a fitness class, it doesn’t need to be anything major, just make the step.

You can never have too many friends as an adult. In the words of Enrique Iglesias ‘ No-body wants to be lonely’ and in the words of The Beatles ‘You’ll get by with a little help from your friends’.

I would love to hear how you get on, tweet me @jenwilson2602

Jen x

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