You are as strong as your weakest link

I was at the physio just before Christmas with a problem with my shoulder which is creating problems with a few different exercises which is causing pain and also meaning that I am not getting stronger.

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

I have heard that phrase used in physical training before and in sport teams. I have also heard it in business when referring to teams of people working together. I have also heard it in a social sense with groups of friends.

Whether it is a physical, psychological, educational or business that it is referring to, the strong muscles / team member / friend will eventually fatigue if they are always trying to make up or pick up the weaker sections.

Identifying the weakness can sometimes be challenging, especially if the weakness is another person that really, you have no control over.

If it is something physical, identify where the weakness is coming from – do you need a physio? Do you need to look at your diet? Are you doing too much? Then work on improving that weakness.

If it is your education, what do you need to do to improve your learning? Who can you approach for help? Can someone mentor you?

If it is someone else, how can you help them (without hugely offending them)? Can you mentor them? Is there a book or a course that you can suggest that might benefit them?

I teach Pilates and that is about controlling your body by using the smaller muscles to help the bigger muscles, the same way that the cement between the bricks supports the walls of your house.

If you can improve the weaknesses, everything else becomes even stronger…

You become an amazing leader if you can identify and strengthen from within.

Lead by example and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Jen x


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