Wrong side of the bed?

When you wake up what is the first thought that crosses your mind?

‘oh no, here we go again’

‘what’s the weather like?’

‘yus, new day, can’t wait’

The first thoughts that go through your head are usually going to set your mood for the rest of the day.

I am lucky that when I get up 4 out of my 7 days it’s to go and teach my indoor cycling (spin) class and I have 16-20 maddies that all get up to join me for their morning class.

At that time in the morning I have been called the devil, smiling assassin and I can hear the swearing under their breath, but they get up for it, and I love delivering the class.

My point is though, when you wake up you want to be thinking about something that make you happy to put a smile on your wee face and have you looking forward to the day.

Sometimes your dreams will have an impact on how you feel when you first wake, if you are sad or distressed it is important to find a way to change that mood as quickly as possible. I find talking to people about them trying to work out the meaning helps because often the dreams don’t mean the literal sense they are delivered in.

If you can’t find anything to look forward to other than getting home to get back to bed I would seriously advise a career change or join Warrior Woman Project to get some direction and perspective (http://www.meetup.com/Warrior-Woman-Project-Weekly-Meet-Up/ ).

I talked to you about keeping a gratitude diary, 3 things every night before you go to sleep that were good that day. Finish the day on a positive note.

How is that going? Are you still keeping it up? Have you noticed any difference in your day? We were talking about looking for positives and proud moments in your day at Warrior Woman the other day and Sheila has noticed a positive difference about how she feels each day.

I find myself taking note of things through the day and actually looking for them so I can add them to my list at the end of the day, the same with my 1 new thing every day, getting a break from your daily routine shows you how much you actually do in a day so you don’t drift through life in that haze.

I am a pretty positive person anyway (to the point that I think some people get annoyed with my happiness and positivity but they can kiss my ass), but finding the good in things just makes the day go better.  Just for the record, not every day is a happy day, bad shit does happen, the difference is the bounce back and refusal to wallow in gloom.

When the day goes better I feel you less stressed. That is a GOOD thing not just for your mood, but for the people around you, for your waist line and for your sleep.

Have a happy day

Jen x




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