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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have been getting some questions from you lovely people and although I have responded individually I thought it would be a benefit to everyone, there is always that fear of asking a question or someone has asked a question you didn’t even realise you wanted to know the answer to…

Q. I’m wondering if your next workshop is suitable for me? I am stuck in a rut. It’s all a bit Groundhog Day & going through the motions. I want to make changes but I really don’t know what they are or how to go about trying to work it out.
A. This workshop is exactly what you need. We are going to start with the absolute basics of where you are right now. We will look at the dream goal. We will compare where you are to where you want to be and prioritise what is manageable to change, what small steps that you can take to move you in the right direction, how to deal with your feelings when you start to procrastinate or feel overwhelmed. The dream won’t happen overnight, but it is even less likely to happen if you are not even moving towards it.

Q. I see that there are different prices for the workshop… what one do I choose?
A. Warrior Woman Project has been going through some restructure based on the feedback of the last year. Some people didn’t realise that they could repeat the programme, some did the 12 weeks then just stopped. Working on yourself is a life-long project. What we have done, is create a membership programme that you can be a part of something all year long to create the life-long habits and there is support whenever you need it.

Gold level is £19.99 per month and is for the online access, this package you will have access to the 12 weeks of the programme (currently they are being emailed out weekly, but a new membership site is being built where you will have access to all the material there). You will be a member of the online community and have access to any online webinars, new material as it is created and discounts for workshops, personal training and one to one sessions. This is for the self-motivated that needs a structure to work from.

Platinum is £39.99 per month and has all the same online access, with the bonus of fortnightly meet up’s, free access to workshops and discounts for personal training and one to one sessions. This is for the self-motivated that needs accountability along with structure.

Ultimate is £99 per month and has everything Platinum has to offer plus 1 x one to one per month with me (in person or skype). This is for those of you who feel totally lost and stuck and an extra hand building some confidence to become self-motivated.

Non-members are welcome along to the workshops, they will still get all the same attention as anyone else and get their goodie bag with what I have been told is the best pen people have ever been given! It is a good way to introduce yourself to the Warrior Woman Project to see if it is something that will work for you. The workshop IS NOT a sales pitch.

If you would like more information or to sign up for the membership programme please head over to

Q. I am really shy and get anxious around people that I don’t know. I don’t want anyone to think I am a weirdo for not speaking out in a group setting.
A. This workshop is set in a relaxed space that is like being at your friend’s house, there are sofa’s, armchairs, tea, coffee, water. Everyone that has ever been on a workshop with me or been to a meet up has been really friendly. If you don’t want to speak out you don’t have to, some people are really private about themselves where others are more open to sharing. It is very much about what feels right for you. We are all weirdo’s in our own unique and special way.

Q. What is it that we will do at this workshop?
A. I will present some situations and solutions that I have encountered or anonymous clients have worked through. There will be some individual task time where you work on you, there will be some partner work where you get to discuss ideas with others and there will be some group time where we will have open communication to share (you do not have to say or share anything that you are not comfortable with). Throughout you will be free to ask any questions that come up.

Q. Is one workshop enough to help me?
A. All the women on the last workshop fed back to me that they got a lot from that one workshop, more than they had expected. You take from it what you can and what you need. Obviously by investing more time in the programme you will get all the additional benefits of being part of something ongoing that pushes you that bit more than you push yourself, holds you accountable and offers advice when you get stuck. The aim of the workshop is for you to get as much help as you possibly can in the time available to us.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. Yourself, an open mind and if you have any special dietary requirements some food. There will be some snacks provided on the day, along with tea, coffee, and water. You will get your goodie bag with a notebook & pen provided.

Q. Will everyone be able to relate to it?
A. The aim is to be as inclusive as possible, if you are feeling stuck with a particular area or areas of your life and you want to make some changes then, yes you will be able to relate. Sometimes people are focused on a different area of their life eg. They want to develop their business and you want to develop your personal life, you will both be able to learn from each other and possibly offer each other advice. We all start in the same place, looking at where we are right now and where it is we want to go, and creating a plan to get there. The only difference is the finer details of the plan.

If there are any other questions that crop up, please ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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