wobbly thighs, pot belly and a fat ass

How often do you go on a ‘diet’ and instantly want every cake, chocolate bar and bag of crisps you can get your hands on? It becomes an obsession.

Then you eat something ‘bad’ and feel shit.

Your focus is all wrong.

Eat for wellness not weight loss.

When the goal is to lose weight you focus on what you shouldn’t eat. Everything feels like a sacrifice and you feel like you are punishing yourself by eating good healthy food.

We have marketing departments with massive budgets to thank for that and a food industry that is only interested in getting its bottom line bigger as fast as its getting yours bigger.

When you focus on eating to make you healthy, to have more energy, to feel better, to heal illness or intolerance’s, to clear skin breakouts and to feel good it doesn’t even cross your mind that you are ‘missing out’.

Weight loss might be a side effect of eating for health but don’t make it the goal. Let’s face it, you have probably set that goal a hundred times and are possibly bigger now that you ever have been.

A weight goal puts you in an unhealthy state of mind. You focus on all the bits you don’t like about yourself… Wobbly thighs, pot belly, fat ass…

When you eat healthy it makes you feel good inside. Yeah you might need to look out a recipe book and wash some veggies but the end result is usually worth it.

Even my mum has managed to cook up a few good meals recently (mostly because I moaned about always getting macaroni cheese & chips EVERY time I went round).

You get a free copy of my recipe book when you sign up for the 12 week Feed Yourself Fit nutrition programme.

You can apply to start here >>http://freedomintraining.co.uk/nutrition

In the Feed Yourself Fit programme we look at why you should be eating certain food groups and focusing on goals and why you want to achieve them to get you away from focusing on the scales all the time.

Jennifer (not me) who I have mentioned before has steadily lost 1KG a week for the last 5 weeks and is feeling fantastic. Her skin is glowing, eyes sparkling, she has more energy and has been able to work even harder in her classes and PT sessions.

Her focus, small sustainable changes that will improve her health.

Kirsten is not looking to lose weight but just have more energy. She is a nurse working shifts and had found eating crap through nightshifts had made her lose her mojo. Getting refocused has turned that around in just 4 weeks.

If it sounds like something that could get you on track applications are open now just click on the link and fill out the application form


If it doesn’t sound like something you are ready for yet, that’s fine.

My advice – Eat real food that grows on trees or lives off the land. Eat till you feel full (not stuffed). Drink lots of water, green tea and other herbal teas.

Then if you still want your ‘treat’ have it and notice how you feel.



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