With Love

On this fine Friday I want you to think about everything you do to yourself and ask yourself if you are doing it from a place of love for you or from dislike, fear (or even worse hate).

If you are not sure, is the food you eat, the activities you do, the way you speak to yourself to make you feel good, to nourish your body and soul, to keep you healthy and strong?

If you do things that are detrimental to your health; constantly eating junk food, sitting around all day, smoking, drinking (beyond the governments health guidelines), taking drugs (not just illegal drugs, I know many people who take prescription and over the counter drugs way more than anyone should ever need to) ask yourself why?

When you start to fuel and move from a place of love you want your body to feel good, and it will because you will make better food choices, you will want to get fresh air and active, you will start to see your skin glowing and want to keep that.

Can you eat cake and drink wine from a place of love? Of course you can, the difference is the motive behind it…

This weekend just be aware of everything you are doing and ask are you doing it from a place of love for you? When you do housework from a place of love for you it can make it so much more bearable (try it and see)


With love

Jen x

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