Wisdom & Motivation

Something I often get told is ‘you are so wise and always so motivated’

I am the one that my friends come to when they are ready for a dose of the truth and wisdom and need a kick in the backside to get things done (they tend to avoid me or conversations about what is going on with them until they are ready).

The thing is wisdom and motivation can only get you so far in this world.

If you are doing something or being someone that doesn’t make you feel good – maybe that promotion you got turned out not to be the dream job after all and you don’t like the role you have to play. Or bursting your ass in the gym, eating everything that you ‘should’ be eating when really all you want to do is slob out on the couch and have a glass of wine and cake… No amount of wisdom, motivating, pep talks, convincing is going to get you moving or make you happy.

When you do something it has to be because you want to, because it makes you happy, your heart sing, puts a smile on your face, a skip in your step, fulfils your dreams, goals, aspirations and makes you who you 100% genuinely are at heart.

When you know what it is you do want then yes the wisdom and motivation is going to come in handy.

But, if the real not kidding yourself on, trying to make the people around you happy answer is NO, then stop! No more of the bull.

This needs to be about you, who you are, who you want to be (remember from Monday’s email?!)

I have times where I need to stop and hide from the world while I work out what it is I want or put on the silencers if I can’t hide away.

Take time out, decide what it is you want, then seek out the wisdom and motivation that you need to get you to that point.

There is nothing worse than being fed up and stuck in a rut feeling like you started on a path so you need to keep going with it.

The first 3 weeks on Warrior Woman Project are about finding out what it is you are stuck with and starting to make a plan to get you out of that rut… Small steps in the right direction are better than more steps in the wrong one.

Have an awesome day

Jen x


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