Mondays for me are always about getting organised for the week ahead, the planning, the prioritising, cooking meals for the week, deciding what I am going to do with my life… You know all the important things…

Behind every decision I make is a reason why…

My emails get written – Why? Because I would be letting a lot of people down and I wouldn’t be living my purpose by helping.

My classes get taught – Why? Because I love teaching them and I get to live my purpose by helping them.

My clients sessions get planned – Why? Because they have goals that they want to reach and I get to live my purpose by helping them.

My meals get planned, prepared, and cooked – Why? Because if I didn’t I would end up living off of crisps, chocolate and toast which eventually would make me ill and I wouldn’t be able to live my purpose helping anyone if I can’t help myself.

Everything that you do should have a reason why and that reason should in some way link you back to your purpose…

Now, before you start shouting at me or panicking because you don’t know what your purpose in life is… keep it simple, Does the answer to your reason why make you happy?

Ironing, I don’t do it, why? I don’t see the point and nothing about it makes me happy.

A job, I don’t have a real job because answering to someone else and being told what days and hours I need to work doesn’t make me happy.

Eating meat, I don’t do it because I don’t like it and it doesn’t make me feel good or happy.

Eating cake – that depends on my why… If it’s because I feel down and I am trying to make myself feel better or avoid talking about what’s going on then I should not be eating cake, if it’s because the cake looks amazing and I feel that the bit of cake is going to taste delicious and make me happy and I won’t have any guilt from eating it… Then I am going to eat cake…

Just for today, make a conscious effort to think about why you are doing all the things that you do. Look for the positive impact or outcome it has, if there is none at all… then why are you doing it?

Have a happier than usual Monday

Jen x

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