Who Is The Boss?

Are you the boss of your own life or is your life the boss of you?
How do you know? Do you ever question why you have just done something or acted in a particular way? It might just be in one area of your life or it might be across the board.
Think about your career, relationships, health, eating, body image, exercise routine, emotional state, do you get to be selfish or are you being a doormat?
When you do something are you questioning the quality of your work? Do you criticise yourself? We will always be our own worst critic, but do you ever ease up on yourself? Do you give yourself credit where it is due?
How would you feel about yourself if you started to give yourself a break? If you started to celebrate the small stuff and give yourself permission not to be perfect all the time?
This is not to say you let yourself off the hook for sloppy behaviour or giving you permission to down a bottle of wine and finish the night off in the kebab shop.
This is to give you a chance to have some fun, do the things you want to do and not feel guilty about them. You get to take control of your life, your decisions, your destiny (not in the control freak way, just in the ‘I am the boss of me’ way) you get to feel free.
There is a way to do it… Just stop beating yourself up over things, do what is right and what makes you feel good… I have talked about this many times before, but if you want to eat cake, eat it, don’t feel guilty… If you feel guilty then probably you didn’t really want to eat the cake, you just felt like you needed to rebel against something…
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