Who holds you accountable?

It is the LAST day of November! How did you do on your goals you set yourself this month? How did you do on yesterday’s task, don’t think, just do it?

I got the audio work done for the new release of the Warrior Woman Project Online Programme, so not only do you now have downloadable PDF’s to read and work from, you now have the option to download the audio version to listen to on the go…

I love to listen to podcasts and audio downloads from training courses. I can listen in the car or my walks and in the gym, they really help me get focused and give me loads of new ideas about not just my business but also my personal life.

My previous goals:

- Be in bed before 1030pm

- Alarm set for 530am on working days to do morning pages and yoga before I leave my room

- Make sure I am drinking enough water (as the weather gets cooler I tend to forget)

- Proper meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day

- Take more chances and be open to more opportunities


I have had most of these for the last couple of months and they are now not so much goals but rituals that I do daily and they will remain in my daily plan but are not needed to stay as focused for goals

My goals for December:

- Proper meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day (this does happen most days but still needs to be there as a reminder)

- Take more chances and be open to more opportunities (I am getting better at this, still needs more focus)

- Make sure that my workshop is fully booked for January so I can help start as many of you as I can off in the right direction

- Try out some new classes: I am going to an improvisation class this week and I am looking for piano lessons (an old skill I would like to relearn) and performance (as in on stage presence/ performance) classes to help me deliver better courses and have better stage presence if anyone knows of any please let me know so I can check them out.

- Work more on my vision board (a clear vision is the key to success)

- Do a FREE webinar on procrastination… watch your inbox and on social media for more information about that.


I share my goals with you to help hold me accountable… We all need help with accountability and I want to be able to help you… Email me your goals, post them on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/warriorwomanproject or tweet me @warriorwomanFIT with the hashtag #WWPGoals



The workshop, if you have not already secured your seat please head over https://warriorwomanproject.ticketlight.co.uk/order/gateway/13311630 to book your seat, remember you can bring a friend for £5. If you know anyone that would benefit from the workshop of these emails please forward them on, send them over to my website to sign up www.freedomintraining.co.uk or if you think they would benefit from my online course www.warriorwomanproject.com there are so many ways to connect with us here at the Warrior Woman Project the more people we can encourage and get involved the happier we will all be…


Sending you some very gushy positive vibes (I might have been listening to too many American podcasts, but I don’t care)


Jen x



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