What’s the best detox?

I always like to bring you relevant topics for me to talk to you about and would like to offer you the opportunity (which is there at any time) to ask my any questions, make any suggestions of topics you would like me to cover in these emails.

A question that I was asked recently:

  1. I want to start getting in shape for summer, what detox do you recommend?
  2. Your body is built to naturally detox itself through the liver and kidneys. No tea, food, drink, pill or supplement, is going to change that fact. Some of the products on the market may make you poo more (which like any laxative is not good to take long term) some of them may make you pee more (not ideal as you may end up dehydrated). And they cost a lot of money. I drink Pukka Detox tea not because I think it’s detoxing me but because I like the taste of it and it’s only £2.69 for 20 tea bags. A lot of these products that claim to detox you will come with other guidelines that include what I am about to tell you but also come with a hefty price tag for their product.

What you can do is try to put less toxins in so the organs don’t have to work so hard; eat less processed foods, reduce your alcohol intake, eat organic where you can, and eat a varied and healthy diet with lots of vegetables that will help you poo and pee naturally.

I do make fresh juices and smoothies but I NEVER replace meals with them, they are added in as snacks to increase the vitamins and minerals in my diet if I have been rushing around a lot or to balance out when I have been eating treats (I like to think of them as an insurance policy, increase the good stuff to allow me to have some bad stuff).

A good place for anyone to start is tracking what you are already eating and checking if you are getting your 2 litres of water/non caffeinated liquids, 5 portions of veg and 2 portions of fruit a day… If you’re not then start there, and yes you can have your 7 a day in smoothies and juices – just make sure that they are more veg than fruit.

Remember if you are active or spend a lot of time in air conditioned or heated spaces then you will likely need more than 2 litres of water a day.

So, save your pennies on expensive and useless products and spend it on something that actually works like my Warrior Woman Project Perfectly Imperfect Workshop which is on THIS Saturday, you can book your space here: http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warriorwomanprojectevent/ or on to the Warrior Woman Project itself (where you will get the workshop included) and start working on you, learning how to make you a priority and build strength from the inside out www.warriorwomanproject.com

Have a wonderful day

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