What’s the secret?

The secret is not in the knowing, its in the doing…

We as humans are generally not stupid. We know what we need to do.

We know to be healthy we need to eat more veg and less junk. We know smoking, drinking, drugs are bad for us. We know to be happy we need to do less of what makes us unhappy.

We know to get success we need to take risks and sometimes ( or lots of times fail). We know we need to move more, be still less. We know, but need to do… If you know and understand WHY it makes it easier… Eat to be healthy, so you can live longer, move better, do more with your loved ones.

Be happy so you are excited to wake up every morning and share the day. Go places, see the world, live lots, love it, love you. Know it. Do it. Have an amazing life. Be brilliant. #wisewords #Wilson14#inspiredbyHeppell


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