What makes you successful…

What makes you successful…

So recently we looked at Oscar Wilde’s quote about success being a science.

Goal + Plan + Contingency = Success

There is a lot more to success than just this simple equation.

Understanding your values, which we looked at on the 3rd day of your emails (‘Just Be Yourself’ worst advice ever). If you have not done this yet, I highly recommend that you go back to that email and action it. If you have not signed up for my emails you can here >>>https://freedomintraining.leadpages.net/daily-chicken-soup-for-the-soul/

Know your unique strengths. We all have them. Are you confident, determined, driven, compassionate, and empathetic.

Some of us are independent with little in the way of external responsibility but take on the people close to us.

Some are parents with little people that need looked after.

Maybe you are the one everyone turns to for advice or help.

Look at your strengths, write them somewhere you will see them, and remember them.

Experiences, no one can take your experiences away. How you remember them will make the difference to how you live your life.

I have been fortunate to have traveled the world and had many experiences that I may not get to have again (more about that another time).

Happy experiences are easy to remember and relive in your mind. Less happy experiences can be more challenging to think about, but looking at it and taking a positive lesson to change the memory you have.

Who you have your experiences with can make a massive difference too. Many of my travels were with my ex, my memories are still happy ones because we had an amazing time and no one or nothing can take that away from us.

No one can tell you that you can’t learn about yourself, no one can stop you pushing your own levels, and no one can tell you who to hang out with – hang out with people who inspire and motivate you.

Don’t limit your passion or imagination.

What are you doing to be successful, no matter what area of your life? Whether it is work/business, social life, weight loss, fitness or love life, you need a plan. You need people around that can help. You need to believe in yourself.

Go back and look at your values (if you haven’t done them, put time aside in your calendar and make time to do them).

Look at your unique strengths, the other day I set you a challenge of finding 10 things you like about yourself. If you haven’t done that, set time aside.

What have you learned from your experiences? Who do you have that can help? Sometimes going outside your usual group of friends, find someone who will direct you.

I offer these mentoring services, take time out to work out your values, establish your strengths and understand your experiences. Set your goals and create your plan then keep you on track.

I have a meeting with my mentor next week and I can’t wait to take apart what I have been doing and set out the next steps.

How bad does it need to get before you make the change?

Jen x

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