What is the value?

I was contacted the other day by a massage client who has got in to the habit of only reaching out for a massage when he is in agony.

This is a common occurrence, whether it is people looking for massage, people looking for personal training or people looking for coaching… They wait until they are in agony (physically, mentally, emotionally) and then look for help.

It would make everyone’s life easier if we invested in ourselves on a regular basis so that it doesn’t get to the point where it feels like we can’t function properly.

We invest in so many things; house insurance, car insurance, mobile phone insurance… but how often do we invest in ourselves? Maybe you have life insurance and health care cover but that only comes in to play when you die or are seriously ill.

What about the preventative measures?

There will be things that you can add to your life to start investing in your health and happiness, I can provide some of those services:

My classes and personal training information can be found over at www.freedomintraining.co.uk

My personal development programme information can be found over at www.warriorwomanproject.com

Or you can email me at any time and we can arrange a call or meeting to discuss your needs and how best to move forward. Wherever in the world you are I can help you with a programme, we can arrange Skype coaching calls and I have online nutrition and training programmes for you to follow.

How much do you value your long term health and happiness?

Have a thoughtful and healthy day

With love

Jen x

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