What harm can it do?

New month and we are now hitting the half way mark through the year… I feel like the last 5 full months have been on fast forward…

You know that I love to share things that I have been learning and last Friday I took a full day out and away from people and went on my first Munro expedition, my bucket list has been whispering to me.

While I was walking I decided to listen to an audio book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, depending on your outlook on the world this is either totally for you or totally not… Me being a bit hippy dippy am in the totally love it camp.

Lots and lots of things that stood out in the audio but the one I am going to share with you today is this:

‘Instead of worrying about others, send them blessings’

Her theory on this is that the worry sends out the negative and wrong vibrations to the universe where when you send out blessings you are asking for the right things to fall in to place. I figure this is what my mum does when she prays for me; it is her way of sending out the right vibrations to help. Thanks mum J

It’s funny how someone putting a view in a different way can make more sense to you and essentially it is the same thing.

In this audio the author talks about many different religions and how they interlink with each other and she is an astrologer to trade with a wider and more open view than just how the stars align.

The next time you feel that worry creep up whether it is for yourself, a family member, a friend or whoever, instead of focusing on the negative of what is or could happen, focus on the right outcome happening instead.

Try it as an experiment, Tosha recommends that you try it for 21 days because that is how long it takes for the brain to recalibrate…

What harm can it do?

With love

Jen x


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