What else can we do?

Yesterday we looked at the little things that make your life manageable or hopefully happier…

We are starting to look at and understand that it’s the ordinary things in life that help make it extraordinary when we pay more attention to them.

What else can we do?

We can help others have a more extraordinary day in their ordinary worlds… Talk to the people that serve you, notice them and acknowledge them.

Again, in that interview with Colette she asked me when was I not living a life that I felt I was living with purpose…

When I worked as a waitress in a hotel restaurant… Never in my life have I felt so insignificant… I lasted 2 whole months, the day that broke me was Christmas Day when not one person said thanks to any of us at our station after being up at 6am to do breakfast and worked right through until 7pm serving the lunches…

Not a single thank you…

My resignation was handed in the next morning and I left a week later… My poor dad had only just moved me up to Aviemore and I was on the phone requesting him and his van return to take me home.

The biggest thing I learned there was to never ignore the waiting or serving staff… they are people too and taking those moments to acknowledge them and thank them will make a difference to their day… And they bring you food.

This connection with the people serving you is like the smile I have asked you in the past to deliver to people you walk past in the street, it’s a 2 way reciprocation they feel better for being noticed, you get to feel good for making them feel that way (even the really grumpy people will deep deep down be thankful).

Go connect, with love

Jen x

PS remember you can connect with me too www.warriorwomanproject.com


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