What do you stand for?

I quite often talk to my Warrior Women about values and why it is important to live your life by them.

You might have different values for different areas of your life. Your relationship values might be different from your work values.

There might be some that no matter what area of your life they are there, set in stone.

Trust for me is a non-negotiable. If I don’t trust someone then I can’t have them as a friend, can’t do business with them, I don’t even want to have to deal with them at all if possible.

What is it you stand for?

You might not be sure what your values actually are, so a good place to start is make a list of what you would like your values to be.

What would you like other people to see in you?

Thinking about yourself as a 3rd person sometimes makes it easier and you might find that the list of what you would like is what you actually are.

Having your standards and living by them gets you respect.

It fills your world with people that you want to have around you, that are good for you, that can help your life be the best you would ever want.

You also respect yourself, which in my opinion is the best thing you can have.

You don’t sell out, you don’t give in to peer-pressure, you understand your WHY, and you will feel strong.

So take 10 minutes today and write out some values that you either have or would like to have to stand by.

Jen x

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